Saturday, 28 May 2011

iVideo... Joel Culpepper - Happy Birthday

Emerging UK singer/songwriter/emcee Joel Culpepper dropped a viral video a few weeks ago for his Blackmale Beats-produced "Happy Birthday" taken off of Mr. Culpepper's latest and rather impressive offering Joel Culpepper Meets J. Dilla which pays tribute to the late great one. You can pick that up HERE for free but before that, listen below to two of my fav cuts from that tape...

iVideo... The Primeridian - Drop The Needle

Check out this Thaoine Davis-directed video from veteran Chicago underground Hip-Hop duo The Primeridian for their "Drop The Needle" single which is off of their latest Da Crack-A-Dawn mixtape which you can download over at DJ Booth's website


Tuesday, 24 May 2011


"T4 is on the search for its very own roving online reporter to head up a selection of amazing music events. If you think in status updates, have more followers than friends, love music and consider yourself to have what it takes to work that camera then go ahead and enter for this incredible prize." - T4 Press Release
The good folks at T4 hit us up to share this with you. What is "this" you ask? Well T4 are looking for an online reporter to cover a host of music events all across the UK over the Summer as their Roving On-line Reporter and they've decided to pluck someone from obscurity to do this for them! It's pretty easy to enter the competition (details below) so if you are or have ever been trying to break into TV or you really like music or you're a blogger or you're a "vlogger" (video blogger) then I think you should go for it!!! It's a NO brainer!

Check out the video and all the details you need to enter the competition below...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

iVideo... Mac Miller - Wear My Hat

Mac Miller's "Wear My Hat" produced by Chuck Inglish off of the Pittsburgh emcee's Best Day Ever mixtape gets it visual treatment courtesy director Ian Wolfson and it features Aussie beauty Sibylla Deen (Gossip Girl) FTW!!! Check it out below...


iVideo... Beth Jeans Houghton - Dodecahedron (Free Download)

After her sublime 2009 Hot Toast EP, 21-year old Beth Jean Houghton from Newcastle returns with a massive new single and video much to our very delight. Not only has she managed to make the word "Dodecahedron" into a song, it is a pretty AMAZING record by all accounts from the Folk/Pop singer and news reaching us is that this is the lead single from her "yet to be titled" debut album due out in the Fall... Let's AVE it!
"The night before I wrote it I had a dream that consisted of me running up to strangers in the street and asking them what a dodecahedron was, but no one knew. I later found out that the ancient Greeks believed the Dodecahedron is a symbol of the universe and represents an idealized form of divine thought. Take from that what you will." - Beth Jean Houghton


iVideo... The Hundred Days - Sex U

San Francisco-based Indie/Alt Rock band The Hundred Days come with these pretty hawt David Dutton-directed visuals for the pretty catchy guitar-driven "Sex U", the lead single off of their forthcoming debut album titled Really?. Lemme know what you think about this one and if you're liking the record, you can download it below...


iVideo... Baiyu - Together

We posted the audio for this one up a few weeks ago from NY-based R&B/Soul singer & former host of MTVu's The Freshmen, Baiyu off of her recently released sophomore EP Fan Fair so it's only right we share the video for "Together" with you as well. Like my friend Skylar said, it's a sweet video. Check it!


iMusic... Baby Monster - The Fear of Charlie Sunrise

BRAND new music from emerging LA-based duo Baby Monster titled "The Fear of Charlie Sunrise" which is off of their forthcoming self-titled debut album due out on June 27... Really dope Summer Pop song from the duo of Danny Sternbaum and Marty Larson Xu for you to vibe with (along with that pint of cider)... Listen below and get your FREE download on!!!

Download: Baby Monster - The Fear of Charlie Sunrise


Thursday, 19 May 2011

iFootage... G.R.E.Eds x ILUVLIVE x MAY 16

UK-based spoken word artist G.R.E.Eds took the "Year of the Poet" that bit closer to the mainstream earlier this week (May 16) when he performed at mainstream urban showcase ILUVLIVE. Film-maker Henry Robinson was on hand to capture the action as G.R.E.Eds performed pieces from his critically acclaimed debut album Volume In Silence as well as from his 2010 Sampler series mixtape and by all accounts of the footage, it was ALOT plus I dunno where Mr. Sode pulled Kat B from but that was a helluva good look!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

iNaija... KEL - Shayo & Move (Prod. by Samklef)

HERE we have it! Some brand NEW music from Nigerian female emcee Kel after a somewhat haitus from the music scene. This one's called "Shayo & Move" and is produced by Samklef! Check it out below...

I'm just GLAD to be hearing the homegirl Kel on a record again because after her very impressive collaboration with US producer Remot on "Little Things" from last year, she kinda tailed off the radar and I wasn't feeling that song "Action" she released at the start of the year... This one on the other hand? I'm FULLY on this wave! Samklef comes with a production that's bound to get you off your feet and that hook is catchy as f**k! Download below and get on the wave I'm on... "Mo Ni Ko Shayo! Shayo!"

#PS this is not the song you're looking for to be convinced about Kel's skills on the mic, that song is HERE or HERE or HERE... I think you catch my drift!


Monday, 16 May 2011

iVideo... Alex Winston - Sister Wife

One of my favourite songs of 2011 gets it's visual treatment to glorious effect! Alex Winston's "Sister Wife" is brought to visual life with absolutely compelling (and slightly left-field) visuals directed by That Go! and in case you missed it, UK beatsmith Star Slinger made a sublime remix to this record a month ago which you can check out and download here!

Download Alex Winston's 6-track Sister Wife EP right now on iTunes


iNaija... Beazy + Chykay - I No Send You

New music from Nigerian emcee Beazy as part of his weekly music series Beazy Music Monday. "I No Send You" features Chykay on vocal duties and is produced by Playback & Bamzy... This one makes it Week 38 and the emcee has some choice words for those who "can say whatever the fuck they want". Quite poignant after the aftermath of some article on Nigerian "twitter" artists over the weekend.

"Saying Beazy Lost is Unheard Of"


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

iMusic... Chad Valley - Fast Challenges

Can we all fall back with this "Chillwave is dead" talk! I'm not partaking in it, neither is Oxford native Hugo Manuel aka Chad Valley. He returns with this brand new single titled "Fast Challenges" which is off of his forthcoming new EP Equatorial Ultravox scheduled for release on June 20 (right bang in the middle of the Summer as it should be) via Cascine.

#PS His self-titled 4-track debut EP from last year (November) is something you need in your life. Get it HERE now!

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iProduct... Ministry of Sound x MOS003 Black x Headphones

So a few weeks ago, I got sent a pair of these MOS003 black in-ear headphones from Ministry of Sound to try out after I had initially checked them out at an earlier listening event. Outta the six or seven different varied headphones, this one stood out the most for me because the sound these seemingly tiny in-ears produce was just hands and shoulders beyond but sometimes first impressions can be deceiving right? Right of course in some cases but in the case of these MOS003 headphones, there's no deceit involved! They sound BEYOND and you will enjoy these headphones!

iVideo... Donaeo - Check My Swagga Out

Brand new visuals for new single from Donaeo titled "Check My Swagga Out" and it GOES HARD but then again everything sounds extra GREAT on these MOS 003 headphones courtesy of the good folks at Ministry of Sound!


Saturday, 7 May 2011

iVideo... Mechanical Bride - Colour of Fire

I love this record! 25-year old self taught musician and songwriter Lauren Doss is more popularly known as Mechanical Bride but more importantly is the artist behind this hauntingly beatiful song titled "Colour of Fire", the video of which you've been privy to experience above... The song is off of her forthcoming debut album titled Living With Ants and follow-up to her 2008 Part II: EPs. I love this record and I hope the album is equally as good!

If like me, you are liking the record then you should get your free download of "Colour of Life" right HERE!

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Friday, 6 May 2011

iMusic... X.O Senavoe + Efya - Mama (Can You Hear Me?)

Here's some brand new music from fast-rising Nigerian emcee X.O Senavoe which features Ghanian Soul singstress Efya on glorious form on vocal duties titled 'Mama (Can You Hear Me?)' in tribute of his late mother and a dedication to all the mothers out there. Listen below to this really awesome record from Mr. Senavoe!

This song for me - more than the fact that it is quite an exceptional record in itself - solidifies the transition of emerging Nigerian emcee X.O Senavoe from a really dope freestyle rapper and clever wordsmith to an actual music maker! I love this record!

This right here was the sound of X.O Senavoe officially putting his foot through the door!

Download: X.O Senavoe + Efya - Mama (Can You Hear Me?)

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Monday, 2 May 2011

iVideo... Slickmouth + Shean Williams - City Lights (Directed by Morgan Keyz)

New video from emerging UK-based rapper Slickmouth featuring vocals from UK vocalist Shean Williams titled 'City Lights' which is off of Slickmouth's latest EP titled 'The Stars Are Aligning' which also features guest appearances from Ed Sheeran and Jayne Daniels!


iMusic... Myshy + Fuzzy Logik - Playground

Here's an ABSOLUTE BANGER of a debut single from emerging UK-based singer Myshy with thumping production from Fuzzy Logik titled 'Playground'. Turn up your speakers for this one! It's the only way, trust me!!!

This one should go straight into the playlist for the weekend!


iVideo... Incisive + Shakka - Just Wait

One of the stand-out tracks from emerging UK emcee and producer Incisive's self-titled 210 album gets it's visual treatment. Check out the video for "Just Wait" which features emerging London-based singer and song-writer Shakka with the ever so lovely instrumentalist Yasmin making a cameo appearance on the keys... ENJOY!

Purchase: Incisive - Incisive (iTunes)


iEVENT... May 6, 2011 = May7ven Single Launch Party x Birthday Party @ Club 10 (Lagos, Nigeria)

UK-based Nigerian R&B/Pop Sensation May7ven is having a massive (strictly by invitation) launch party this Friday (May 6, 2011) right in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria for her hugely anticipated forthcoming single titled "Number" which will be debuted at the party and released the following day - May 7.

"Number" will serve as the first piece of new music we will be hearing from the singer, songwriter since her hugely successful 2009 single "Take Off My Clothes/Bo Aso Lara Mi"

Hit the jump for more details of the party which will also be serving as the birthday party for May7ven who was - as you may have guessed it - born on May 7 hence the stage name! As previously mentioned up top, the event is strictly by invitation or guest-list and we're hearing it's gonna be an epic night so start calling your "connect" for this one!

iNaija... Lami - Yago + Ori Mi Wu

"Female soul singer Lami has released two brand new singles from her forthcoming 2011 album titled Human. She does this right on the heels of wrapping up her debut album - Intuition with the private live concert - Lami Unplugged. The first of the singles, Yago is an up-tempo, feel-gooder produced by DJ Klem. The second single, Ori Mi Wu, makes for easy listening and has that relaxed feel to love songs that Lami is popular for. The track features Chocolate City's Ice Prince and was co-produced by Lami and Abuja-based producer Gru." - Press Release
Nigerian Soul/R&B singer Lami Phillips greets us with two brand new singles off of her forthcoming sophomore album titled 'Human'. First with the DJ Klem-produced 'Yago' and also with the Ice Prince-featured 'Ori Mi Wu'. Listen below to both records and let me know what you think in the C section!

"Ori Mi Wu":


For a big fan of her debut album 'Intuition', I've just never been a fan of Lami's more up-tempo records so no surprise in me not liking 'Yago' but 'Ori Mi Wu' is my jam! This is Lami in her element - lovely vocal rendition & sublime/witty song writing + she gets the chance to showcase her voice to the people who question her vocal dexterity (listen to her at the 2:10 minute mark if you don't think she's got the vocals and tell me she didn't hit those notes outta the park!). There should be a version without the rap verse but that's just me... After a few listens of Ice Prince's rap verse, it's not even at all bad & it fits in with the song on some level...


iLive... Tyler, the Creator + OFWGKTA x Live at Camden Crawl (Pinboard Films)

"Tyler, the Creator and the OFQGKTA collective performed at Camden Crawl in London on May 1st, 2011. The show began and ended riotously, resulting in a full on fight between the band, the mob and security. They performed "Yonkers", "Sandwiches", "Bastard" and more (including songs off 'Goblin')." - Pinboard Blog/Films
This is absolutely BONKERS!!! The crowd actually bum-rushed the stage yooo! When the words "Oh, Shit" flashed on the screen, I was actually repeating it for 30 seconds straight!!! THIS is absolutely crazy! I have no words! I'm going to go back and press play on this EPIC 9-minute footage!

Shouts to Pinboard Blog for this one!!!