Tuesday, 29 March 2011

iVideo... Dele - F U Right

Brand new single and  Luke Biggins-directed video to boot from UK-based R&B singer/songwriter Dele and off of his forthcoming EP titled 'Coming of Age'. This one's especially for the ladies so I'm gonna take my behind outta here and let y'all enjoy this one!

Purchase: Dele - F U Right (iTunes)

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iDubstep... Parralax - Watching (Free Download)

I just got this one sent through the inbox earlier with no information, no biography, no pictures, nothing! Just the soundcloud link and a description of "soulful dubstep" including in the email somewhere and well what do you know? The record goes HARD. The soulful sample reminds me recently of some Starslinger and the record actually feels more Hip-Hop at some points than anything but listen below and lemme know + don't forget your free download as well.



iDownload... The Liverpool One Project

Nothing But The Music and Liverpool-based Youth culture company Urbeatz have come together to present this 12-track LP which exclusively features some of the best urban artists and producers from Liverpool cutting across the genres of Grime, R&B, Drum & Bass, Rap and Electro. 

The project includes the likes of fast-rising Liverpool artists - Future, Vaposs, Jay Norton, Esco Williams, Joey Seary, Rugrat, Rasta Child, Janiece Myers, Paislie Reid, Sunny Italia, Tremz, Mr2Grime, Merki, Logik, Gez and ME with production from Kev Willow, Adam French, Paris Esquire, Defiance, Product, Jay Norton and Future and Brett Lashua, Yaw Owosu and KOF serving as executive producers on the project.

Listen to the entire LP and get your free download on below. One of my personal favourites at the moment is "Liverpool Girls", that bassline will literally shut down a dance floor.


Monday, 28 March 2011

iNaija... Carolyne Udoh - Dont Need Your Money (#Gba #Confam)

Another club banger for you to add to that playlist! This one's courtesy of NY-based Nigerian singer/songwriter Carolyne Udoh or just simply Carolyne and it's titled "Don't Need Your Money (#Gba #Confam)". I wasn't gonna check this out (what with the silly hashtags attached the song title) but my colleague Nifemi said it was worth checking out so listen below!

If you like Tiwa Savage's "Kele Love" then you will like this one too (not comparing the two though). Her vocals are the best part of the song for me so certainly one to watch out for and it took me a couple plays to get into it but once that bassline gets you, it's kinda a wrap! Still not sold on the rapper on the featured verses but do lemme know if I'm being extra.

#sidenote: Do you think artists have a problem with me referring to their songs as "Club Bangers" especially if that's not what they were going for in the first place?

#Peace.Love.DontNeedYourMoney #Gba #Confam

iEvent... Lyrix Organix x Médecins Sans Frontières x Road to Glastonbury Launch x April 5, 2011

"Lyrix Organix and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) proudly launch the Road to Glastonbury campaign at this special charity event featuring the finest in potent poetry, revolutionist Hip Hop and raw Soul. Lyrix Organix is a space where artists spark, collaborations ignite and audiences tingle. Expect a dynamic, ground-breaking live music experience designed to reinvigorate the lyrical and conscious roots of the spoken word. All profits from this show will be donated to humanitarian aid organisation MSF, whilst raising awareness of their outstanding work in Ivory Coast." - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Press Release
Alright ladies and gentlemen, next week Tuesday (April 5), all roads will and should lead to Lyrix Organix at the Old Queens Head in Islington for this charity event for Médecins Sans Frontières - the first in the series of Road to Glastonbury showcases Lyrix Organix and MSF have come together to organise - not only because it is for a GREAT cause but also because it features some pretty amazing emerging UK artists and performers that you should be checking out for. Read on to find out more...

iVideo... Ikes + Calibars - Born To Win

"Some artists have their own lane but I have a road!" - Calibars

Shot & directed by Word on Road TV, We Plug Good Music recommended Ikes teams up with fellow emerging UK rapper Calibars for another lyrical onslaught, this time on the record titled "Born To Win".

Spotted at Word on Road TV


iNaija... Shank - SALUTE (Free Download)

I don't see how you can really lose with production like this! It's a straight banger! The club DJs will lap this one up and so will the dancefloor fillers cos you can't really stay still with this one on trust me. I can see the ladies taking off their high heels already! Enjoy Shank's new single titled 'Salute' although that bit with the "left, right, left, right" coulda easily been left out. Enjoy still

This line here, "you dey make my soldier salute" gets me everytime! Everytime yo! Can you actually say that to woman? Let me know if you try.

Download: Shank - Salute


iVideo... Ace Hood - Hustle Hard

The beat on this record goes overly HARD though! Check out the remix below featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross while you're here!


iFreestyle... Ed Sheeran - Night Air (Jamie Woon) + Mo Money, Mo Problems (Puffy & Mase)

Man like Ed Sheeran drops a few seriously fresh lines mixed with verses from some of our favourite Ed Sheeran records over Jamie Woon's 'Night Air' and then goes in over the Puffy & Mase classic 'Mo Money Mo Problems' on CJ Beatz' BBC 1 Xtra radio show. Listen below to Mr. Sheeran tear shit down!

Audio courtesy of Pinboard Blog.

#Respect Speeakz


Saturday, 26 March 2011

iVideo... Dream Mclean + Siris - Coke & Vodka

"... Then Start Screaming KAMIKAZE! KAMIKAZE! KAMIKAZE! KAMIKAZE!" - Dream Mclean

"Trust Me! You Don't Wanna DO That Bruvvv!" - Siris

REGIME or Cut Your Own Throat With a Toothbrush INIT!


iVideo... SIJI - IJO

Produced by Siji, Alix Alvarez and Tunji Ladoja, "Ijo" is a straight banger yo!!! This is that good good Afro dance "get your butts out of your seats + ladies take off your high heels" kinda record! 

I'm down with this one!


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

iMusic.... Cults - You Know What I Mean

The NY-based alternative Pop band that Lily Allen signed to her label just released some new music (thanks to Confusion for the heads up) and this song titled "You Know What I Mean" is the best records Cult's have put out yet. DO Not believe the hype surrounding "Go Outside". That was a good record but this is just even better and it's the title-track for their debut album dropping in May. Listen below and bask in the 50's ambience


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

iPoetry... Ezekiel Azonwu - Almost (Saved)

My homegirl Dupe dropped this in my inbox this morning and I wouldn't be right if I didn't share this with you. Listen and understand.

#HisStandardsAreLikeBetweenTwoMountains #NoMiddleGround


iMusic... Emay - Incorruptible (FreEP)

Brand NEW 7-track EP courtesy of emerging Toronto-based emcee and producer EMAY, completely written and produced by the young man himself! I'll let him tell the story behind the EP and you can listen + download the opus underneath!
"This EP consists of 5 tracks including two instrumental songs that I just had to put on the project. It's a very brief project that is based on some concepts and ideas that my mind never completely understood, but I felt enough about these thoughts that I could create something small out of them. I really hope you check it out, and that you dig it. The first and only track on the project that consists of features is called Bars, and it features Evan Abeele doing some blissful piano work over my vocals and sampling of a song by the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and some powerful vocals by Jeremy aka Optimist Park from Kiss Kiss Fantastic." - Emay

Download: Emay - Incorruptible (EP)


Saturday, 19 March 2011

iMusic... Blisses B - Thirty Days, Sixty Years + Cattywompus

You need to check out this here records - "Thirty Days, Sixty Years" and "Cattywompus" are just two of the many stand out songs from the sophomore album from San Francisco-based Rock/Psychadelic (although any labelling other than "Good Music" is really unnecessary) quartet Blisses B titled Thirty Days, Sixty Years which was released last year November. I am absolutely loving listening to this album now and my review of it should be up on We Plug Good Music any day now but I thought I'd let you in on the goodness that Blisses B have recently shared with us... This album has literally made my week and trust me, I was having a pretty shithead week and this record was one of it's bright spots so listen below and buy the record!!!
"Thirty Days, Sixty Years explores the mathematical parameters that define our lives -- weekends, vacations, adolescence, adulthood, the reality of how much time we have left on this earth -- and the personal equations that result from the many caveats that can extend and shorten most of these time frames. Are we spending our time wisely, with the right people, and in the right place? What are we giving back?" - Blisses B
Thirty Days, Sixty Years:


Purchase: Blisses B - Thirty Days, Sixty Years (iTunes)

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Friday, 18 March 2011

iMusic... AKS - House Called Home

Soulful and retrospective second single titled "House Called Home" which is produced by Chemo off of emerging UK Hip-Hop artist AKS's forthcoming Bus Stop EP which will be available for a 48-hour free download from Saturday (March 19) so make sure you look out for that one on the website.
"Flowing effortlessly over a resounding kick drum, AKS uses his trademark lyrical musings to paint a socially aware picture of life through the eyes of a young member of UK’s ethnic minorities, emotively expressing the displacement and seclusion felt. This track is bound to provoke some conversations revisiting the immigration issue on both sides of the fence - and it definitely sets the tone for the type of material we can expect on The Bus Stop EP." - Press Release


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


No words would be sufficient so read on and let's just listen and remember the greatness that was Nate Dogg!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

iMusic... Conner Youngblood - A Summer Song

"This is definitely my official attempt at making a happy song. Its still got some bass and banjo aka the shit that people want to hear these days, but I also hit up some piano, guitars, and glitched it up a bit. Just trying to keep things fresh." - Conner Youngblood
I have no words and sometimes no words are needed! Just listen and let the music take you to where it needs to...

Download: Conner Youngblood - A Summer Song

#respect P&P


iVideo... Rick Ross + Wale - Make It Rain (18+)

Ricky Rozay & Mr. Never Wear The Same Thing get their stripper club game on for the video for 'Make It Rain'... NOT Suitable for people under the age of 18 and certainly NSFW! For the rest of ya, ENJOY!


iVideo... Nelly + Kelly Rowland - Gone

Nelly and Kelly get their sequel to 'Dilemna' on and damn Kelly be looking mighty fine but tell me something new right?


iAlbum... Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra

What can I really say about this album that hasn't already been said other than for you to download this record ASAP if you haven't already and I know there will be some of you that haven't (it's free for crying out loud) PLUS you can read our feature/review of the stellar début effort from Odd Future's singer/songwriter Frank Ocean over at We Plug GOOD Music to give you a million reasons to download this album!



iMixtape... Mac Miller - Best Day Ever

Brand NEW mixtape from 2011 XXL Freshman and one of my favourite new emcees right now, Mac Miller titled 'Best Day Ever' with production from JUST BLAZE as well as ID Labs, Chuck Inglish, Sap, Beanz N Kornbread and features from Phonte and Wiz Khalifa. This is a must listen so listen below and download underneath!

#Bestdayever #Mostdope #MacMillerIsWinning

Monday, 7 March 2011

iRemix... Gold Panda - Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

'Marriage', the third single from Gold Panda's critically acclaimed 2010 debut album 'Lucky Shiner' was released at the start of the month and accompanying it was this amazing remix from Star Slinger amongst others... I'll stop talking and let you listen below! Absolute magic from two stellar artists!

You can watch the Ronni Shendar-directed video for the original song below...


Sunday, 6 March 2011

iAlbum... Marvin Gaye + Pink Floyd - Requiem For A Dream

The story behind this (alleged) collaborative album between Marvin Gaye and Pink Floyd that was never released is pretty remarkable, the story goes a little something like this - Joseph Stein was an intern in the 70s/80s at a UK-based label called Harvest Heritage Records, a subsidiary of Harvest Records which handled re-issues and smaller releases for Harvest and as the story goes, Harvest Heritage were put in charge of releasing this collaborative record between Marvin Gaye and Pink Floyd titled 'Requiem For A Dream' but it never saw the light of the day because Motown Records didn't give clearance for the use of Gaye's songs or images and so the record, while already pressed (according to Stein) never got to be released... Well until now that is! Listen to the album below

Read further for the entire story straight from the lips of Joseph Stein, the intern at Harvest Heritage as well for a free download of this "collaborative" album between two legends in music!

iMusic... Acer Maple + Michelle Escoffery - Welcome

Acer Maple have been on my radar all year, ever since I bumped into their music over at Pinboard at the start of the year. I even had the duo send me their 2010 EP - 'Early' in the view of featuring it on our review site but I shamefully haven't! It is a very very GOOD EP with six amazing songs and you should definitely listen to it HERE!

Acer Maple return in 2011 with an awesome new single which features Michelle Escoffery on vocals and features Richard Spavens on Drums with Oli Hayhurst on Double Bass. It's a sublime piece of music that you seriously have to listen to and download (for FREE) ASAP as I hear it's free for a limited time.

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

iEVENT... ELIZA DOOLITTLE x Rock The Belles x March 25, 2011

Rock The Belles have lined up a stellar array of female musical talents including a fine mixture of DJs and artists to take to the stage for their March event to be held at London's East Village. Headlining the event on the last friday of this month (March 25) is none other than Eliza Doolittle who will be swapping the singer's microphone for the DJ decks as she spins some of her favourite music as well as the music that inspires and influences her sound, all for your listening pleasure. Also joining Eliza on DJing duties are an all female DJ line-up of DJ Emily Rawson, DJ Steffie, Current RTB DJ Battle Champion - DJ Afropunk and DJ Fearney.

Rock The Belles have also got live music performances form three of the hottest emerging female artists in London at the moment - Jayelldee who is sort of a mix between Lily Allen and M.I.A and with a sound that's a mix of Pop, Punk and Bassline + LeaLea Jones from East London who brings some 70's Soul and Jazz with a pinch of Hip-Hop and Electronica to the Rock The Belles stage after having previously been on stage with the likes of Jay-Z and Any Winehouse + Scarlett Lapidus who's Pop and Electronica dance sound you might remember from her set at Secret Garden Party in 2010.

All in all, it looks like Rock The Belles this month is one event you really do not want to miss. Check out all the event details below!

Event Details:

Address: East Village, 89 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HX 
(Nearest Tube Station: Old Street)
Door: £7 advance (queue jump & advised) or £7 concessions via rockthebelles.com // hello@rockthebelles.com // £8 without.
Direct £7 Ticket Link: View London x Rock The Belles
Times: 9PM - 3.30AM

Keep Tabs on Rock The Belles: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

iDownload... Kay Young - The Smell of Winter Project

Emerging UK artist/producer released her debut EP 'The Smell of Winter Project' yesterday (February 28). The 13-track EP was entirely written and produced by Kay Young with additional production from Amede Soundsmith and Blackmale Beats as well as guest appearances from the likes of AKS, Joel Culpepper, Shakka (in glorious form), Kadija Kamara, Kersha Bailey, Concise One, Art Daley and GeeBee. Listen to the very impressive 'The Smell of Winter Project' below...


iDownload... Slickmouth - The Stars Are Aligning EP

Emerging UK-based Hip-Hop artist Slickmouth releases his brand NEW EP titled 'The Stars Are Aligned' which features ten original songs with some really amazing soulful production provided for by the likes of Chemist, The Missing Note and a host of other burgeoning producers as well as notable guest features from Atlantic Records-signee Ed Sheeran, The BB Architect's Giovanna Jayne and emerging singer/songwriter Shean Williams. I am yet to listen to the entire EP all the way through but having checked out the collaborations and a couple other songs in particular, I can say that the EP is filled with some of that good good music. My favorite song so far is the 99-produced 'Old School Loving' which features Giovanna Jayne. Listen below and download the entire EP underneath that...

Download: Slickmouth - The Stars Are Aligning EP