Saturday, 31 July 2010

iVideo... SHATiFF - Love Bird (Remix)

The DMV stay winning in my eyes! I am yet to hear anything wack come out of that area! There must be something in the water as my homegirl Jojo would say! Anyhoo, I had this posted up on my Facebook Group like last night and iLike it! The record & the video! The culprits are DMV Native, Shatiff with production from Self-Scientific & K-Roc Productz plus amazing vocals by Gretchen Parlato. ENjoy!

Check it out right below!

"In the LoveBird SHATiFF takes his listeners on a visual ride and shares with them the beauty of life from his perspective. He sheds light upon the dark and highlights the calm in a harsh reality. Using intimate backdrops throughout the DC metropolitan area SHATiFF displays for his audience the serenity of people enthralled by life's everyday moments. He captures the essence of solitude and the simplicity of love, fleeting moments that only a well-trained eye could uncover" - Shatiff

Friday, 30 July 2010

iLike... Soul Culture TV x Melanie Fiona x Tinchy Stryder

The really good folks over at Soul Culture sent me this really dope extended footage of the amazing Ms. Melanie Fiona & UK emcee, Tinchy Stryder chopping it up in London recently! Check it out right below...

"In part two of our exclusive conversation piece with Melanie Fiona and Tinchy Stryder, the UK emcee explains how his recently confirmed new TakeOver Roc Nation deal came about and his plans to sign UK talent to the label [Stryder will continue to release his own music through Island], whilst Melanie clarifies the Roc's input in her career as co-management alongside SRC (label) and her production company, Title 9 Productions." - Soul Culture UK
"The pair also explore the importance of having people you can trust in the industry sticking behind you on your team, and Melanie specifically discusses SRC Records CEO Steve Rifkind's impact on her career. As Melanie works on her sophomore LP and Tinchy approaches his aptly titled 'Third Strike' album, they discuss solidifying your position in music after the initial debut buzz, the biggest lessons they've learned in the industry - with Melanie sharing some good advice she got from Brandy." - Soul Culture TV
I could watch and listen to Ms. Fiona all day, every day and I found it really cool how she's asking Tinchy for advice on her sophomore album... As a bonus, I thought I'd add the prequel to the footage you saw above unto here as well just incase you haven't caught it. #Shouts to Soul Culture TV

Photography by Neil Raja for Soul Culture TV


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

iVideo... Nadine Charles - Kisses in the Morning

*Hands in my Late Pass!*

We premièred this record on our radio show three weeks ago which you can catch on iTunes and you guys were feeling it. Now Nadine Charles comes through with the visuals for her single with the help of Director, John Hendrickse and we're feeling it as well. Check it out!

Download: Nadine Charles - Kisses in the Morning



"'So Much Better' is a post-modern juxtaposition between anti-establishmentarianist tendencies and western eco-polity in the frame of global economics............NHHAT! Call it the summer-jam of 2010, easy to reminisce to, but so much better to make new memories with. One part indie-pop, two parts hip-hop, shake, stir, now drink it up!" - Moxie Black
After last week's leak of their debut single 'Risky Bizness' landed them a spot on Complex Magazine's 5 O'Clock Shuffle, Moxie Black are back with a brand new leak titled 'So Much Better' off of their 'How Did This Happen' album that will be available right here for free download on August 18th

It's looking it's a Moxie Black Summer!



I just got home to this brand new record from Mr. Folarin off of his soon-to-be-released 'More About Nothing' mixtape! Truth be told, I am dead tired to upload this on my SoundCloud page right now! The download link is right below so get on that! BTW He samples the now infamous Tiger Woods voice message & press conference at the beginning of this record... You really do wanna check this one out!

The More About Nothing Mixtape is out August 3rd!!!


Tuesday, 27 July 2010


So if you're about in London town tonight, come catch what should be a really really dope Hip-Hop concert live at the world famous Cargo! I'll be co-hosting with the very delectible Liz Yemoja but it's really not about that! What or who the show is about are Veteran Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist, Mode 9, in his first London headline gig & also Emerging UK-Based, Shadez the Misfit in his first major gig since Channel 4's Evo Room... Guaranteed to be a HUGE evening for all the Hip-Hop heads out there... Make sure you reach! 

Check out some music from both of these Hip-Hop stars! Something for you to look forward to tonight!

iMusic... Jesse Boykins III - Closer (Corinne Bailey Rae Cover)

"Set on an exciting path to future stardom, Brooklyn based singer songwriter Jesse Boykins III exclusively dropped something rather special into the SoulCulture inbox this afternoon: his beautiful interpretation of “Closer,” a highlight from Corinne Bailey Rae‘s latest album, The Sea." - Soul Culture
I love getting emails from SoulCulture! It's always either about #goodmusic such as the one you're about to listen to or something just as interesting! All round general goodness really... Anyway let's get into it, iLike it & I'm sure you will too! Download right after the jump as well!

Until the Next Time...

Monday, 26 July 2010

iDownload... Klashnekoff + Wretch 32 + K9 - Somebody Tell Me

NEW Single from UK Hip-Hop veteran Klashnekoff off of his latest album 'Back to the Sagas' that's in Stores now! 'Somebody Tell Me' features one of my favourite UK Hip-Hop artists, Wretch 32 and K9. Enjoy the free download & make sure you buy the 'Back to the Sagas' album!

Buy: Klashnekoff - Back to the Sagas (Album)

Until the Next Time...

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


"Hip-hop duo, Moxie Black debut 'Risky Bizness' from their forthcoming 11-track LP, 'How Did This Happen?', which will be available as a free download on August 18th. Risky Bizness is an anthem for partygoers and nightlife socialites with enough new jack swing to keep Tom Cruise dancing in his whitey tighties" - Spread Music

IT IS FINALLY HERE!!! I aint even gonna say much! Hit the PLAY button right below and then hit the download button right below that! & oh do not forget the 'share this' options as well!

This is where the FUTURE is period!

Moxie Black all day!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


"Sea Oleena is the sudden rush of inspiration. The long anticipated conclusion. The layer of dust on the bookshelf. The missed flight. The memorized view from a window. The space between. Sea Oleena is the voice of someone you used to know, in the body of someone you've yet to meet, following you through a dream." - Charlotte Oleena
So over the course of last week I found myself at Vinyl Meltdown ALOT and I was really impressed with the content they had up on their blog. One of such impressive content, was music from this Canadian-based young singer by the name of Charlotte Oleena (Sea Oleena) on her debut album titled 'Sea Oleena'. It's a 7-record L.P and it's really good... I'll share with you one of my favorite songs off of it, 'Asleep at the Wheel' & you can download the LP right below for any amount you can offer (even £0.00 but not recommended), after you've listened.

<a href="">Asleep at the Wheel by Sea Oleena</a>

Download: Sea Oleena - Sea Oleena (Album)


Saturday, 17 July 2010


"Tone Idle is an electronic dance music act comprised of two young musicians - Marc Manning and James Matlock both hailing from the south east and meeting at a music academy in 2005. Tone Idle has produced numerous tracks, including "Minimised" released on Sketch Records and have a backcatalogue of fresh music waiting for release later this year. Tone Idle have also worked closely with A1 Bassline, Tek-One, Joy Orbison and Kavsrave and been friends since school. Tone Idle's main goal is to make well produced, current and exciting original music aswell as remixing. Stay tuned as the story unfolds..." - Tone Idle
Just got this in my inbox the other day and as I mostly blog about Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop & some Nigerian Music, I was suprised to hear the contents of this email... Possibly spam emailing gone wrong but its all kosher! It aint typically what you'd hear on CAH but as we are surveyors of all genres of music, we're gonna share it with you... #PS Wait for the Drop!

The DROP on this is so SICK!!! Hope you enjoyed it! Get your download on right below...

Download: Tone Idle - Roll the Drums

Find Tone Idle: Facebook | Myspace

#sidenote: It's Saturday and I ain't at work for once so I'm jus gonna be shooting out music from my inbox that I think (some of) y'all might like, hope that is ok?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Another EPIC record off of Ricky Rozay's upcoming album 'Teflon Don' that's due out NEXT WEEK (July 19th/20th)... If you don't already know, this album is one of them EPIC ones!!! Funny thing was, I peeped this record over at Blind I, well talk about a shocker BUT even the really cool kids over there had to bump some Rozay!

Download: Rick Ross + Cee-Lo - Tears of Joy

Until the Next Time...

Sunday, 11 July 2010


The missing Drake verse on Rick Ross's Aston Martin Music... I dunno why this was left out, it coulda only made the original that much better... IT GOES HARD!!!

So who's in the picture? Paris Morton! Ask Drake, he knows lol!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


NAIJA Hip-Hop is in THE f**kin BUILDING!!! I no FIT shout today! The good dudes at SDC just shoot over this freestyle they did over Alicia Key's 'Unthinkable', I would have loved another verse! Enjoy it all the same...

"You're trying hard and there's problems with the cash flow YET every friday, hit the club and we blast dough... Up in Rehab acting like some assholes..." - SDC
#Shouts to SDC for sending this through...

I'm in a LAS GIDI state of mind right now! Rehab in December, let's GOOOO!!!

The Dreamer Project COMING SOON...

Show Dem Camp: Twitter | Youtube | Myspace

Until the Next Time


"Following a cosmic 2nd Birthday show at Cargo, London- featuring an exclusive debut UK performance from Soul Jesse Boykins III- Writer's Block returns. Serving up a consistently tight format of vibrant spoken word, emotive, intimate live music and engaging short films, our July Show boasts feature performance from top UK talents including soulstress Kadija Kamara, Spoken Word Slam Champion Hollie McNish, Musical sensation Angel and much more." - Writer's Block
You already KNOW the score... I love the LINE-UP on this month's Writer's Block!!! We ALL KNOW about Hollie McNish around here, from the time she stole the show at our very first 'One Mic' performance showcase + She just recently did Glastonbury & iCaNNot wait to see Kadija Kamara do her thing on stage, I've been told it's an EXPERIENCE + After seeing them at Style & Substance a few weeks ago, I'm excited to see Phresh Mentality & Carol Ohemaa perform... What more can I say???

HIT the jump for the full line-up and all the relevant details because I Can't SHOUT! 

iPARTY... EMINEM & D12 x Strawberry Moons x TONIGHT (July 6th 2010)

#RE-EDIT: Contact Mr. Harrison using the contact details on the E-flyer below to speak directly with the event organisers and hear it from the horse's mouth so to speak if you're still in doubt about tonight!!!

"Strawberry Moons is teaming up with London's finest party makers to bring you celebrity filled nights every Tuesday. We start this Tuesday with D12 (Eminem, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Kuniva, Swifty!)" - Marvyn Harrison
Click HERE for all the information you'll need to attend... Address + Contact details et al! It's FREE ENTRY until 11PM, what more can be said really??? OH #PS as I've been told, Do NOT leave your IDs at home because you won't get in period!

Until the Next Time...

Sunday, 4 July 2010


The visual treatment for Chiddy Bang's 'Sooner or Later' dropped earlier on tuesday... Culled off of their 'Opposite of Adults' E.P! Shot on location in Nigeria! Chiddy repping hard for his home country as it should be! Check out the video right below...

#sidenote: Check superstar 'neighbourhood police man' Sam White talking bout 'sophisticated weapon'???, iBeg SHUTUP there! BIG up Chiddy & Xaphoon for doing their own thing & they stay winning!

The debut album, The Swelly Life, should be released in August (24th) so please look out for that one!

Chiddy Bang is the future! Get with it NOW!!!

Until the Next Time...

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Brand new single from U.K Independent hip-Hop label, No Money Records' Veteran Hip-Hop producer, JC that is set to be released digitally on the 2nd of August 2010. Please check out both the A-side, 'Ayo' featuring Oddisee and the B-side, 'Soul Search' featuring Malik & LKC right below...

... And Please & Please if you're feeling it then you gotta support it when this comes out... It'll be on Itunes and all online major retailers!

Check for more JC records (all up for free download) HERE!!!