Saturday, 31 July 2010

iVideo... SHATiFF - Love Bird (Remix)

The DMV stay winning in my eyes! I am yet to hear anything wack come out of that area! There must be something in the water as my homegirl Jojo would say! Anyhoo, I had this posted up on my Facebook Group like last night and iLike it! The record & the video! The culprits are DMV Native, Shatiff with production from Self-Scientific & K-Roc Productz plus amazing vocals by Gretchen Parlato. ENjoy!

Check it out right below!

"In the LoveBird SHATiFF takes his listeners on a visual ride and shares with them the beauty of life from his perspective. He sheds light upon the dark and highlights the calm in a harsh reality. Using intimate backdrops throughout the DC metropolitan area SHATiFF displays for his audience the serenity of people enthralled by life's everyday moments. He captures the essence of solitude and the simplicity of love, fleeting moments that only a well-trained eye could uncover" - Shatiff

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