Saturday, 17 July 2010


"Tone Idle is an electronic dance music act comprised of two young musicians - Marc Manning and James Matlock both hailing from the south east and meeting at a music academy in 2005. Tone Idle has produced numerous tracks, including "Minimised" released on Sketch Records and have a backcatalogue of fresh music waiting for release later this year. Tone Idle have also worked closely with A1 Bassline, Tek-One, Joy Orbison and Kavsrave and been friends since school. Tone Idle's main goal is to make well produced, current and exciting original music aswell as remixing. Stay tuned as the story unfolds..." - Tone Idle
Just got this in my inbox the other day and as I mostly blog about Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop & some Nigerian Music, I was suprised to hear the contents of this email... Possibly spam emailing gone wrong but its all kosher! It aint typically what you'd hear on CAH but as we are surveyors of all genres of music, we're gonna share it with you... #PS Wait for the Drop!

The DROP on this is so SICK!!! Hope you enjoyed it! Get your download on right below...

Download: Tone Idle - Roll the Drums

Find Tone Idle: Facebook | Myspace

#sidenote: It's Saturday and I ain't at work for once so I'm jus gonna be shooting out music from my inbox that I think (some of) y'all might like, hope that is ok?

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