Friday, 29 October 2010

iVideo... JAZZ + TYSON - CALL

This video dropped last night and I was too busy giving my critique on twitter that I forgot to share it with you so you can form your own opinion. Its from Nigerian R&B/Pop artists Jazz & Tyson titled 'Call' and it's catchy as heck and I was singing along for a few minutes after watching the video last night. Plenty things to say about this video though (the actress in the first scene that thinks she's on #ANTM for one) BUT I'll leave it at, it's the boys' first video and I'm sure they'll learn from the mistakes and come back with harder visuals next time. Still a catchy pop/dance tune so enjoy that atleast! Oh watch in HD as well!



New visuals for Tajie's latest single 'I Still' featuring El Flaco, off of his 'Commercialz' mixtape. Not completely sold on both these Nigerian artists yet BUT maybe I need to listen to Tajie's mixtape before I have a full opinion and you know I could stay listening to El Flaco for days, he just needs to raise his lyrics up another level and he'll be fine iThink. I'll shut up now so you can enjoy the video...

Directed by James Mavrik for Mavrik Films


Thursday, 28 October 2010

iVideo... Nelly + Akon + T-Pain - Move That Body

How can BET rank Drake & Rick Ross over this dude on that list??? YES I'm still SALTY!!! The video though = Cameo Ville. It's ALOT but it's Nelly so we already know! Not yet a huge fan of the song however.

iMusic... S.A.S + Vado - The Connect

New Music from UK Hip-Hop duo S.A.S featuring one of Harlem's finest right now, Vado.



New visuals BUT for an old song (anything from The Streets makes it on this blog by default). Mike Skinner originally gave this song away via twitter back in April 2009 and now he liberates the visuals for it. The forthcoming and supposedly final album from The Streets, 'Computers & Blues' is within reach ladies & gentlemen, can you feel it? Well get the feeling HERE


iSingle... Bashy - Make My Day

'Make My Day' is UK-Based Hip-Hop artist, Bashy's forthcoming single that will be released on the 6th of December. He's enlisted the help of Electro/Dance Production/DJ duo NAPT for the thumping production. Like I said on twitter when I first heard it, I dunno where he's going with this one! OK tell a lie, I know and you do too. Catchy dance tune though so the clubs will not be mad at this...

... BUT check out the crazy dubstep remix by Specimen A right below!

iVideo... Joe Budden - Follow My Lead

Brand new visuals for 'Follow My Lead' off of Joe Budden's latest mixtape 'Mood Muzik 4'. If you haven't downloaded the mixtape then you're losing in life, it's that simple!


iVOTE... Soulculture UK x Soul Train Awards 2010

The good people over at Soulculture UK have been nominated for a 2010 Soul Train Award (how amazing is that?) for Best Soul Site. We (as in you & I) want them to win and we can make sure they stand a great chance by voting HERE. Please VOTE and then tell you friends to do the same!


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

iSingle... Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

The good folks at Pigeons & Planes just put us on to the brand new single from Lupe Fiasco titled 'The Show Goes On', off of his forthcoming album 'Lasers' and I cannot imagine the record label sitting on this for however long it was. This has got 'radio-friendly guitar-sample pop record' written all over it! Maybe he went in to the studio to give them what they always wanted, a HIT? What do you think?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

iMusic... Meina Symone - Falling

Some new goodness from UK-based indie label Audio Surveillance and their talented emerging Hip-Hop/Soul Singer/Songwriter Meina Symone with dope production from Greatness Jones. Press play right below and don't forget to pick up your free download right after that!

Download: Meina Symone - Falling


iCover... Weezer - Unbreak My Heart (Toni Braxton Cover)

If you know Weezer and you know Toni Braxton's 'Unbreak My Heart' then you know already that this doesn't work! The music backdrop is listen-able but I dunno, I just don't think it works that well. It was recorded in 2005 and kept in the vault (for very obvious reasons I would imagine but alas listen below). I can imagine Simon Cowell having a butchers with this one if it was on X-Factor. I might be wrong, you tell me what you think!

Weezer's 'Death to False Metal' compilation album is out November 1st

#Spotted at CoverMeSongs + Soundcloud goodness via Ragged Words

iFreestyle... Sway - Over? (Game Over Freestyle)

BBC 1's Zane Lowe would have loved to hear Sway on Tinchy Stryder's 'Game Over' so that's exactly what he's gonna get... So I guess everybody's ranking will be changing after that one then! Pick up Sway's latest mixtape 'The Delivery 2' HERE!


iMusic... Devlin - The O.T Show (CDQ)

This one's the additional track off of the recently released 'Runaway' E.P by one of the UK's finest grime artists, Devlin. You know usually, I don't come on here raving about grime music but props and appreciate where due and Devlin is killing it right now. Showing that he's certainly not going the (insert your UK Pop/Rapper example here) route despite being signed to a major label. The album 'Bud, Sweat & Beers' is out on the 1st of November so make sure you look out for it!

Purchase: Devlin - Runaway E.P



Nigerian Soul Singer, Lami joins in on the new trend of Nigerian artists giving away FREE music and I cannot be mad at that however if you're one of those people that have purchased her (now almost a year old) début album then you already have these songs and I wouldn't blame you for being salty. Other than that, get your download on. She's actually liberated 4 records off of her debut album for free download but I'll be sharing two with you... The Sade-esque 'Over' and the M.I featured 'Kaleidoscope'. Enjoy!

Download: Lami - Over

Download: Lami + MI - Kaleidoscope

iMusic... TANK - FIX ME

Tank comes with some proper R&B for your listening pleasure. This one's off of his forthcoming 'Now or Never' LP which is scheduled to be released on the 14th of December.

Download: Tank - Fix Me


iMusic... AZ - The Calm (prod. by Statik Selektah)

This one's for the true Hip-Hop heads out there! None of that bubble-gum business from the one they call AZ. The Doe or Die 15th Anniversary Edition is scheduled for a November 23rd 2010 release date and DOD2 is scheduled for 2011. It's ALOT!

Download: AZ - The Calm (prod. by Statik Selektah)

#shoutout to U.E Radio!

Monday, 25 October 2010

iMusic... AKS - THE CON (Premeditated Murder Dub)

One of the UK's finest emerging Hip-Hop artists, AKS goes in over on J. Cole's 'Premeditated Murder' for his brand new track titled 'The Con'. The forthcoming 'The Bus Stop EP' is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime, enjoy this!

Meet AKS at #TheBusStop

Sunday, 24 October 2010

iFILM... Kanye West x Runaway (Full-Length)

I will comment after I've let it marinate. I think you should just watch it!


Friday, 22 October 2010

iVideo... Justin Nozuka - Heartless

There's so much amazing music in the world, it's unreal and I'm quite enjoying discovering and sharing em with you. This is the second single, 'Heartless' from Canadian Singer/Songwriter Justin Nozuka off of his sophomore album titled 'You I Wind Land & Sea'. I'm gonna go get my hands on a copy of the album while you enjoy the video...

Purchase: Justin Nozuka - Heartless

I will listen to anything done with acoustic guitars! They just sound so much better!


iMusic... Retta - Kolo For You

I find that Reverbnation is a great place to find new and emerging music, even more so than Myspace recently (for me anyway), especially from regions and artists you wouldn't normally come across... So I though I'd share some of my Reverbnation finds with you and hopefully you like what you hear and you can keep tabs on the artists that you like. Having said that, allow me to introduce you to Nigerian R&B/Soul singer Retta. The debut single is titled 'Kolo For You' and as it goes, it only debuted on Sunday October 17th. Please press play...

Keep tabs on Retta: Facebook | Twitter | Reverbnation


iVideo... Thai Matic - North West Confidential

Great visuals to accompany the second single titled 'North West Confidential'  off of the latest mixtape 'Let Me Land' from UK-based rapper/entrepreneur Thai Matic. I'm loving the different vibe this video brings, the originality also and  it's not like anything I'm seeing out there so I rate it and it's director, Dexter Navy!

Listen to the full mixtape right below and get your FREE download on...


iFunny... ED LOVER - C'MON SON #19

iCant! Ed Lover is back! He GOES IN on everyone from Justin Beiber to Bill O'Reilly to Jimmy McMillan (from The Rent Is Too damn High Party? I just Can't!) & he also touches on everything we've been saying about that recently released bogus BET Top 10 Rappers list! Pure comedy from Mr. Lover!


Thursday, 21 October 2010


You heard him on 'A Prelude to the Future' and now UK-based Emcee/Vocalist Chockz liberates the visuals to his refix of Drake's 'Miss Me'. The video aims to potray the life of an emerging artist and I didn't fully get it until I watched the video the second time around and I saw the time on his phone in the final scene... It's a constant 24/7 hustle! 'More than a Rapper Vol. 2' soon come...


iFunny... ED LOVER - C'MON SON #18

I know this is probably old stuff for my US audience but I gotta put this up for my UK/Europe & African heads out there. I caught episode 16 and 17 over at my cousin's crib back in September and I'm just peeping this now. iCouldn't stop laughing! Ed Lover is a serious joker! On this episode, he goes in on everyone from Bishop Eddie Long to T.I to Bruno Mars. Pure comedy I tell ya! I vote Tim Westwood for the UK version of C'mon Son plus get that shit on BBC2 or something!

Check it OUT: Episode 17 | Episode 16



Here goes the visuals to accompany UK-based Nigerian hip-hop artist El-Flaco's first single off of his forthcoming EP 'The 9 Wonders'. The EP as I gather will see Mr. Flaco take on some of his favourite 9th Wonder beats. I quite like the kid's flow & some of his lyrics on this and his voice is rather compelling but I absolutely hate that chorus. Nice video I thought, do let me know though.

Until the Next Time...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

iReminisce... The Chordettes - Mr. Sandman

Growing up, Grease 2 was one of my favourite films ever. I think I saw it before the original and I prefer it to the original anyway! I remember arguing with Ms. Canada about the existence of this film, she was adamant that there was NO such thing lol... She ended up buying me the DVD for Valentine's day and I didn't open it because I wanted us to watch it together, needless to say, that boat sank and I might watch it today (by myself). Anyway Grease 2 is where I heard and fell in love with this record. Right now, I'd give anything to go back to that time and place in my mother's 3-bedroom flat in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria. Early 90s this was and nothing really mattered!

'Mr. Sandman' originally by The Chordettes has been covered over the years by the likes of Marvin Gaye (as his second single as a solo artist), The Supremes, Chet Atkins & The Puppini Sister. Let's listen to some of these renditions after the jump.

iMixtape... Sway - The Delivery 2 (Lost In Transit)

I'm just about to press play on this so I couldn't tell you what to expect BUT knowing Sway, I expect nothing short of #goodmusic so LET's GO!!!


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


"Bringing something fresh and fundamental to the heart of Manchester, allaboutgoodmusic Live! is a new and exciting live music event. It combines the talents of the UKs most promising artists and musicians – to create the most inspiring and emotive live performances. Music on the night will be a fusion of Soul, Funk, RnB and Acoustic Hip-Hop, with artists performing both original material and cover versions in their own unique styles. Housed in the cool and ambient basement of Joshua Brooks; it is guaranteed to be an enjoyable night filled with good vibes!" - allaboutgoodmusic Events
The good folks at Allaboutgoodmusic are preparing to turn the city of Manchester OUT with some quality live music this Sunday! The line-up that they've put together is immensely dope and that's putting it very lightly. They've managed to get one of the best London-based live bands around, The Remedies to play at their gig. That in itself is a treat worth any money but if only that were all, they also have The Mouse Outfit, GREEDS & Shakka playing at this gig... Check out the exhibits and more information about the event right after the jump!

iVideo... Fortune Family - My Energy

SO my cohort and I were talking about our lives last night (as you do) and she dropped these guys, Fortune Family into the conversation, asking if I checked out the email they sent to us a few days ago. She liked it so I thought I'd share it with you.

As it goes, this alternative hip-hop group are creating quite a buzz for themselves over on the college scenes in the States and they recently opened for Wale at the LxM Pro Tour so I would pay attention and although I would need to hear more material from them to form a concrete opinion, they're actually quite decent.


Monday, 18 October 2010

iMusic... Joe Budden - No Idea

This is this reason right here I'll always be a big fan of Joe Budden! He's got that introspective shit down locked down as per usual!

Mood Musik 4 is out October 26th! Get with it OR get LOST to be honest!

Download: Joe Budden - No Idea (prod. by J. Cardim)


Sunday, 17 October 2010

iMusic... Sway - Whose Line Is It Anyway

Great concept on this brand new leak from one of UK's finest, Sway! It's off of his forthcoming mixtape 'The Delivery 2 (Lost In Transit)'. Enjoy and get your download on below!

Download: Sway - Whose Line Is It Anyway


iVideo... 2000FastWomen - Letters From Vienna

Very unique name for starters but I like this emerging UK indie band and their record 'Letters from Vienna' so I thought I'd share the debut video with you.

Keep tabs on 2000FastWomen: Facebook | Twitter | Myspace


iDownload... Cherri Prince - Listen Hear EP

"Listen Hear is the debut EP and introduction to Cherri Prince. Influenced by Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and life so far let the vocals soothe and stories intrigue you... observe... feel...enjoy...critic... but most of all Listen Hear" - Cherri Prince
So a few hours ago, I was having a conversation with one of my followers on twitter about X-factor and by sheer chance, I  checked out her full profile and saw that there was a bandcamp link on it SO I clicked on it, as you do and the rest as they say is history. I'm not gonna say anything other than to plead with you to please press play on this right below... 

Instead of trying to compare or rate this 'Listen Hear' EP with anything I've heard lately, I will just keep it as simple as this... I absolutely love this EP. I love the music on this. I love Cherri Prince's voice. It's over a year old but sounds so fresh, I could listen to this over and over and over again. I think this kinda music is made specifically to have that effect BUT 'Listen Hear' works and it's just a beautifully put together piece of work. I shall stop talking now! You need this in your life...


Saturday, 16 October 2010

iVideo... Tha Vill + Kele Le Roc - More Than Friends (Rockswayer Mix)

"Shot over 2 days in a Los Angeles mansion in September this year by actress turned director Shannon Elizabeth [American Pie, Scary Movie] the setting provides the backdrop to a storyline with a surprising twist. As Tha Vill arrives at the house party, it soon becomes apparant that all is not as it seems with London's r&b queen Kele Le Roc playing a key role as the story unfolds. The versions shot for the lead mix, a top 10 DMC Club Chart entry this year, and for the new UK Rockswayer mix, are in fact only half the story to be concluded with a second video to be released later in the year. An unusual but fresh concept for an urban/dance video, breaking away from the regular formulaic imagery prevalent in the genre." - Urban Elite PR

'More Than Friends' is out on Hi Energy Entertainment on the 1st of November.

What do you think?

iRate... Seeing Suge - Breaking (Single)

Ok first of all, I'm pretty mad at myself for NOT posting this up sooner BUT other than that, this is extremely dope and colossal to say the very least. How does a Rapper out of Canada, a Chillwave/Synth-Pop band out of San Francisco and a Beatsmith/Producer out of Manchester get together to create such goodness? iDunno but what matters is Emay, Blackbird Blackbird & Star Slinger did and it works so check em out as Seeing Suge right below!

I still cannot get over the vocals from Mikey Sanders of Blackbird Blackbird as well as how well Star Slinger works the Memoryhouse sample on this, they just takes you...


iMusic... Rihanna + Drake - What's My Name?

This is my JAM right here!!! I think Drake needs two verses on this if I'm being perfectly honest BUT this is still top drawer stuff! I've been playing this one all morning!

If you're DJing this weekend and you're not spinning this then you've failed at life lol!!!

Speak Soon...


iDownload... Olivier Daysoul - Mr. Saint Louis EP (prod. by Oddisee)

Earlier in the week, Amelia from PMOI liberated the lead single, 'Labor' off of this EP and as promised, just in time for the weekend, the full 'Mr. Saint Loius' EP from Olivier Daysoul is available for FREE download! This 4-track EP also comes with instrumentals & acapellas for each track as well as a really dope remix of 'In The Now' with Von Pea of Tanya Morgan. Enough of me talking, the goods are below! Make sure you get your download on...

Download: Olivier Daysoul - Mr. Saint Loius EP

Exclusively via Amelia x PMOI


Friday, 15 October 2010

iMixtape... Dream Mclean - The Purple Promo 3

Only just sitting down to digest Dream Mclean's latest opus but I won't wait until I finish this to share it. Here are two of my favourite records right now...

<a href="">Shut Your Eyes by TeamSupreme</a>

<a href="">Devil In Some High Tops by TeamSupreme</a>

It's basically got everything on this tape. From Hip-Hop to Grime to Dubstep to D&B and the lyrics are straight fire as we've come to expect from Mr. Mclean BUT just don't take my word for it, get your download on via the link below & listen up!


iNaija... DIPO - YOUR MAN

"In 2007, Dipo was one of the 12 final contestants in the music reality t.v show called "Nokia First Chance" and went on to perform at the Nigerian Music Awards dinner. He joined Access Bank in 2008 but still continued with his music. Being a 'Banker by Day,Singer by Night', he released his first single “summertime” in Dec 2009 and the song was on Inspiration FM top ten for about 8 weeks. He opened up for Asa at the “ASA on the green”Concert in january 2010 performing alongside Bez and Ibiyemi. His musical influences include Marvin Gaye, Seal, John Legend, R.Kelly, Dwele, Anthony Hamilton, Fela, Asa, 2face, Maxwell, D’Angelo." - Management

This took a few listens for me to remotely see any potential but maybe I was just in an anal mood. I think it works for the audiences it targets so it wins in that aspect. Very Jazz-infused (slash) Afro-centric number and there's something catchy about those lyrics right?

Download: Dipo - Your Man

#TheTypeOfMuguThatCanPayYourBills #onlyNOT

iCOVER...Shakira - Islands (The xx Cover)

Pop-royalty & all-round beautiful woman, Shakira covers the critically acclaimed single, 'Islands' by Indie-band & 2010 Mercury prize winners, The xx. She gives the record a very different feel... I like it!

Check out The xx with the original right below. A great single by a very dope band! It peaked at around #34 on the UK charts and it shoulda been so much higher to be honest! Enjoy

If you dunno bout The xx by now then you should definitely slap yourself and then go check em out HERE!

Until the Next Time...


"As Poejazzi's triumphant Year of the Poet season draws to a close, the magnificent Eska headlines a line-up of the UK's finest singers and lyricists. She is joined by fast-rising singer-songwriter Tanya Auclair, and the wonderful poetry of Hollie Mcnish, John Osborne, Robert Auton and 2009 Roundhouse Slam Champion Jodi Ann Bickley. The evening will be hosted by poet Inua Ellams (Edinburgh Fringe First, The National) whose new play, "Untitled", is also showing at Soho Theatre between 28 September and 9 October. See:" - Poejazzi 
The good folks over at Poejazzi are putting on a HUGE one this Sunday (October 17th) with the amazing Eska headlining. One of my favourite spoken-word artists ever, Hollie McNish is also on the bill as well as singer/songwriter Tanya Auclair and Inua Ellams takes time out of his touring his new play 'Untitled' to host the evening. Doors open at 7pm, the show starts at 7.15pm and tickets are only £8 from HERE

Check out some NEW & FREE goodness from Eska + some new poetry from Ms. McNish + some Tanya Auclair... ALL AFTER THE JUMP!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

iCover... Goapele - A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke Cover)

#LatePass I know BUT I LOVE GOAPELE so I just had to share + I love her rendition of this CLASSIC Sam Cooke record! Spotted this over at the Noggy's blog. Please enjoy it, iWish it went on for longer than 3 minutes though... I could listen to this woman all night!


iVideo... Chris Akinyemi - Radio

"Chris Akinyemi gives a new meaning to the term "Singer/songwriter". The 20 year-old New Jersey native pulls listeners ears with his visual storytelling, captivating melodies and charismatic persona, which embodies his music. At the age of 6 he started his musical enlightenment playing the snare drum for his elementary school's marching band. By the age of 11, he wrote his first thoughts on paper about love, which was endearing for a pre-teen." - Myspace

Thank Me Later!

Thank Chris Akinyemi Now: Myspace | Twitter

#ps iDunno about this whole New Jersey native thing though! #OmoNaija


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

iDownload... PinBoardBlog.Com - Feed Your Ears (Volume 1: Soul Edition)

"The first in a long series of EP’s we’ll be dropping intermittently, featuring music from artists we support and love on the site. Each with a different theme/genre angle. The first in the series is our ‘Soul Edition’, featuring 7 incredible tracks from 7 amazing alt-soul artists. We have Olivier DaySoul, Jimetta Rose, Peter Hadar, Brittany Bosco, DivaGeek (Vula & Ben Jones), Fatima x Alex Nut & Reggie B." - PinboardBlog.Com
Speeakz and the good people at PinBoardBlog.Com have blessed us with some AMAZING music for us to vibe with this Autumn/Winter. The key word being 'amazing' but just don't take my word for it, press play right below...

<a href="">Feed Your Ears Vol. 1 by PinBoard Blog</a>

This FreEP is very amazingly put together but you wouldn't expect anything less from the PinboardBlog family. Now all I want to do is to rinse this out and patiently await Volume 2. With the calibre of artists and music on this one, I wonder what's gonna be on there!

I gotta give a special shoutout to Speeakz and the team, not only for the great music on show here but also for the artwork because dope ain't even the word! Peep the back cover HERE!


iSingle... Olivier DaySoul - Labor (prod. by Oddisee)

PMOI (Put Me On It) bring to you 'Labor', the lead single from Olivier Daysoul off of his forthcoming 'Mr Saint Louis' EP, produced by Oddisee that will be released at the end of the week.

<a href="">Labor by oddisee</a>

Special shouts to Amelia over at PMOI for this one. iCannot wait for the end of the week for them to share this EP with us.


Monday, 11 October 2010

iMusic... Izzi Dunn - Oblivious

"Oblivious is a stripped down track, with no big production. It needed to be. Quite simply, it’s about my anger surrounding the war. I was angry at the government for aligning with the US, angry at society and furious at myself for being so apathetic towards the circumstances." - Izzi Dunn

This sultry smooth number is off of Izzi Dunn's sophomore album titled 'Cries & Smiles'. I haven't stopped playing it since I received it earlier this morning! You can check out some more Izzie by way of the video for the lead single for 'Cries & Smiles' titled 'Tits & Ass' as well as get your hands on 'Cries & Smiles' which is out now on iTunes, all right after the jump...

iVideo... LAMI - OVER

"Lami, is a Singer, Song Writer and an Educationist. Her debut album ‘Intuition’was released late 2009 and boasts of successful singles like Know, and Nuttin. Since then, she's been appointed a UN Ambassador for Peace, and performed at shows within and outside the country. She recently got nominated at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for best Soul act alongside R&B heavy weight 2face." - Platonique PR
One of my favorite records off of Nigerian Soul singer Lami's debut album, 'Intuition' gets its visual treatment. This record is very reminiscent of some Sade Adu I reckon. Lemme know what you think.

iLike Lami alot! I loved her album. This video is now gonna make me revisit that album. It was and still is one of the best Nigerian albums from the last few years if I may be so bold.

Well if you liked what you heard and you wanna hear more, you can use the link below to preview and purchase this fine woman's album.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

iVideo... Rumer - Aretha

I put you on to this really good song by this amazing singer a couple of weeks ago. Well now, she blesses us with the visuals. I love this record. Enjoy

Aretha is OUT on the 1st of November, pre-order it HERE


Saturday, 9 October 2010


Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pharel Williams are Children Rebel Soldiers!

Streaming via Pigeons & Planes


iMusic... Amanda Diva - Manchild (prod. by Ski Beatz)

The most refreshing music from a female emcee that I've heard in a very very long time and I just love this woman's flow on this. Please check it out, it's off of her forthcoming FreEP, 'Technicolor Lover'.

Spotted at YHTN

Thursday, 7 October 2010

iVideo... La Melodia - Give It Up

So on one of my random trawls of some European blogs, I came across this video. The lady's name is MC Melodee, I quite like her flow and the whole persona + you know how I feel about the music outta the Netherlands so iThought I'd share. Lemme know what you think!

As it happens, this is the lead single off of La Melodia's latest album 'Electric Love' so if you're feeling the record, make sure you check out the album below and it's only like what? 6 Euros... Anyway press play & tell me wagwan!

<a href="">Electronic Love by La Melodia</a>

Purchase: La Melodia - Electric Love

Until the Next Time...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


"Strictly Entertainment Presents WA! ZO!! BIA!!! A weekend dedicated to celebrating Nigeria’s 50th Golden Jubilee Independence Day, with a difference. Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th Oct 2010. On October 1st 1960, Nigeria ceased to be a colony of Britain in Africa! Strictly Entertainment will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence with an exhibition of Art, Fashion Design, and music to showcase the talents of many-gifted Nigerian’s, which opens to the public on Saturday the 9th October. The Strictly Entertainment Exhibition features: THE ARC GALLERY, SAMANTHA COLE, ALEXANDER AMOSU, PATRICK KEVIN, MAHOGANY MODELS, THE KALA KUTA EXPERIENCE, EBEE, VICTIZZLE, and REBUILD A NEW GENERATION HAITI." - Press Release

Check out the FULL itinerary for the weekend right below

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

iNaija... WAJE - To the Top

I was supposed to liberate this one for you last week but I flopped so here you go. Waje's latest single, produced by up and coming American producer Remot, off of WPGM's 'A Prelude to the Future' mixtape. Enjoy it! Download it! Play it! Share it!

<a href="">To The Top (prod. by Remot) by We Plug GOOD Music</a>

Download: Waje - To the Top


Saturday, 2 October 2010

iBeef... Sean Price Vs. Kid Cudi

Do I even need to say anything about this? I think NOT! The big homie said it best!

Sean Price ALL DAY!!!


Friday, 1 October 2010

iVideo... Nathan Watson - Reach Out (You Got A Friend)

"New UK soul contender Nathan Watson steps onto the scene this week with his debut music video, “Reach Out (You Got A Friend).” Formerly a rapper under the name Dragonfly, he switched over to the soul side and began writing his own songs – such as his new single, 'Reach Out (You Got A Friend)'. From his forthcoming album, Student Of Life, the single features Watson’s band The Sound and is due for release on October 4th via the Strawberry Moon label, with part of the proceeds going to Childline Rocks." - Press Release

I am quite feeling this one! I was at Jazz Cafe the other day to see Raheem Devaughn and I spotted this name, Nathan Watson on their October itinerary and I remember thinking 'I don't know who that is' but I do now and I am liking what I'm hearing.

If you're liking this then the 'Reach Out (You Got A Friend)' single will be released on Monday, October 4th and Mr. Watson will be playing at Jazz Cafe on Wednesday, October 6th. Tickets are £5 and you can get them HERE or HERE!

'If you're feeling down, come on round and we can talk about James Brown' - Nathan Watson

iNaija... Banky W + M.I - Still Together

"EME and Chocolate City have come together again in celebration of our country’s 50th independence. Like they came together to support the Super Eagles at the 2010 world cup with 'Waving Flag', 7time SoundCity Music Video Award Nominee Banky W and BET Award Nominee M.I have joined forces again on the MI produced 'Still Together'. This ode to Nigeria speaks of faith in a brighter future, a united nation and a prosperous country. Both artists have shown genuine interests in the problems our country faces and are determined to use their voices to speak out about these issues as well as encouraging and giving hope to Nigerians all over the world." - EME Press Release

Nigeria's 50 today and two of Nigeria's biggest commercial artists come together on this record 'Still Together' to show their love and support. It's also for free download so get this on your players and blast it loud & proud!

Until the Next Time...

iLaunch... Dean Atta - Missing Piece (Album)

"Following Dean Atta’s highly acclaimed music debut, the stunning 5-track EP 'Reason & Rhyme' (, described by this Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist as “an eclectic jigsaw of words and sounds”, Atta now finally shares the 'Missing Piece' of the puzzle. The eagerly anticipated debut album 'Missing Piece' is available as a Free Download on Monday 4 October via Atta’s website (" - Dean Atta
UK-based Spoken Word artist Dean Atta will be releasing his début album 'Missing Piece' on Monday, the 4th of October and the album launch party will be taking place on the same day at The Workshop @ Roadtrip Bar in East London (we'll give you full details after the jump). Listen below to 'Fatherless Nation' off of the forthcoming album.

I've seen Mr. Atta perform about three times and each time I've been blown away by his poetry and presence so I will be down there on Monday for the launch party/performance and you should come down too. Check out some more details on the 'Missing Piece' album + the launch party after the jump!