Tuesday, 17 January 2012

iAfrica... D'tunes + Wise + Maytronomy + Efa - Strange Things

"D'tunes brings together Wise Alapomeji, Maytronomy and for the second time Efa on this mid-tempo cut as they pour out their heart out on “Strange Things”. The mellow tune, produced by D'tunes himself addresses the Strange Things happening in the country at present. “Strange Things Are Happening, But No One Bothers To Look, So Di Gba Ti Ogiri Ba Wo, Abi Ti Osa Ba Gbe” sings a passionate Wise on the hook. Listen up and enjoy." - Press Release
Some new music from Nigerian producer D'tunes titled "Strange Things" featuring Wise Alapomeji - doing amazingly well on the hook - as well as Maytronomy and Efa goin in on the rap verses. Listen below:


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