Friday, 14 December 2012

iBook... B*tch Don' Kill My Vibe: A User's Guide To Negotiating Digital Copyright (by Christine Doelling)

"As I began to research music law out of my own interest, it became apparent as fans - and even as musicians - we were not being given all the information. Law, and copyright law in particular, is kept in an ivory tower for elite academics and professionals. This book is built from my own frustration with the density of the material and is my first attempt to democratize copyright law. As consumers, we lead today's market, and there is no market without musicians. If we do not weigh in on the conversation, corporations and the US government will decide how the music industry is shaped online. Musicians and fans are sure to be left out of the equation severely threatening our "vibes". Without the information, we cannot join the conversation; we cannot protect the music we love." - Christine Doelling
Christine Doelling is the creator of Lunchbox Theory and she is currently in London studying for an MA in Media, Communications and Critical Practice. Read her entire guide HERE


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