Thursday, 14 June 2012

iFashion... Nike Air Max 1 Leopard Park Fall 2012

I have mentioned before that I’m a big fan of sneakers and as such I have put together a collage series of NEW & UNIQUE sneaker collections by famous brands like Adidas, Converse, Vans and Nike among others. This collection of sneakers (running/tennis shoes and football boots inclusive) are the most recently released or forthcoming releases from these brands. You will see footwear available for sale but rather than those, we recommend you create your own personal collection  of "You Only See Once" designs. My guess is that they will be worth a lot in a few years.

So let’s start with the most recent 2012 releases by NIKE - Nike Air Max 1 Leopard Pack Fall 2012 - this unique collection comes in 2 colorways; the first is a black colorway with classic leopard prints and an infrared lining while the second is a grey colorway with white leopard prints and red lining...


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