Friday, 23 November 2012

iCompetition... Make Your Own KIA Beat & Win a KIA Picanto

Fancy yourself winning an all-new KIA Picanto before the New Year, courtesy of KIA Motors Worldwide? Well it is your lucky day or week or month even. To coincide with their new brand identity 'A Different Beat', KIA Motors are running two social media networking games on Facebook which are rather well suited for beat makers. Read on to find out more...
First start off with a game of “Kia Beatpop” where you will earn instruments and sounds effects which you will use later in the ‘Kia BeatMaker.’ The object of the game is to group similar colored cars together and earn as many points as you can within the time limit. Every time you play, your points will be added to your overall score featured on the Weekly Ranking chart comparing you to your friends who are playing as well. 

Kia ‘BeatMaker’ is where we’re going to put your musical skills to the test! Take the instruments and sounds you earned playing “Kia BeatPop”, select your background music, and mix your own unique beat!

All the beats that have been created by users will appear on the weekly Beat Chart, which other users can then vote for their favorites. At the end of each week, the creator of the beat with the most votes will win a brand new iPad with Retina display! At the end of contest period, the creator of the beat that has the most votes overall, and the most distinct beat as determined by Kia’s judges, will win a Kia Picanto!

Just by playing ‘Kia BeatPop’ or ‘Kia BeatMaker’, or by voting on the Beat Chart, you will automatically be entered into a random draw for a chance to win $10 Facebook Credit.

Enter the competition HERE // For More About KIA Motors Worldwide, click HERE


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