Monday, 8 April 2013

iFilm... 'Phone Swap' Actor Wale Ojo Talks About New Project 'Wedlock Of The gods'

In an interview with SaharaTVPhone Swap and Meet The Adebanjos star Wale Ojo, who is currently working on his directorial debut in Atlanta, a new take on the popular play written by Zulu Sofola (Nigeria's first female playwright) titled Wedlock of the godstalks about working on the play, his relationship with Zulu Sofola and working on Nollywood's image.
For those not familiar with Wedlock of the gods check out the plot below:
Wedlock of the Gods is at heart a love story reminiscent of Shakespeare's most beloved tale, Romeo and Juliet. Set in a traditional Nigerian village, Wedlock is a tragedy that finds its roots in the ritual of death and mourning.  The traditional solemnity of the ritual is distorted however for, rather than engaging in the normal funeral rites and rituals which should have cleansed her and sent the spirit of the deceased to the world of the gods, the widow expresses a sense of liberation from an unwanted marriage, while the mother of the deceased performs rites meant to destroy her son's widow as an act of vengeance for supposedly killing her son.

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