Wednesday, 30 June 2010


New MUSIC from Ms. Jazmine Sullivan!!! This is A BIG record and the samples go HARD! I'll stop talking & let you listen... This is HARD!!!

Download: Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Going In Circles)

#GoodMusic stays WINNING...


The Dream unleashes a 3-in-1 video for three records, 'Yamaha', 'Nikki Part 2' & 'Abyss', off of his third studio album, 'Love King' that was released yesterday, 29th June... I've already hit play and I'm well into the second record but yeah you should check it out...

I really like the concept and from the reviews I've read so far, he does good on the album so I reckon you should check it out, Love King is out now on Itunes!

Until the Next Time...


Remember we shared this song, the first single off of Keith Sweat's forthcoming album, with you on here a few months ago, well the video for it just hit the web so it's only right that we share it with you too...

What can I say? I love the record! The video isn't saying much but I guess it's your typical Male R&B Type video formula... Loads of pretty women & I cannot be mad at that at all!

What do you think though?

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

iMusic... The Dean's List - Repeat

"P&P has posted these guys before and since then I’ve been hearing the Boston crew’s name pop up all over the place for getting some major downloads and killing college campuses. It’s the kind of hip-hop that seems to be carving out it’s own niche lately. It’s hard to describe, but you know it when you hear it. It’s the kind of hip-hop that’s better paired with a keg party and a game of cornhole than a late night in a dark club with flashy lights. With Summer 2010 in full swing, I’m all for it. The Dean’s List is on their way." - Confusion
JUST peeped this over at Pigeons & Planes and I just had to share it... I quite like the record but you tell me what you think! They're from Boston, the same town as #wpgm alumni Notoreity Music and I spotted a similarity OR maybe I made that up because they're from the same town???

Anyway ENJOY the Music yeah!

#SideNote: So I went HERE (you can go there and get your download on) and listened to a few more records by The Dean's Letter and they really are good... I like em anyway! Thanks to Confusion for putting us on!

I really LIKE This ONE as well...

Until the Next Time...

#Shouts to P&P!!!

Friday, 25 June 2010


"Poejazzi, as part of its Year of the Poet season, triumphantly returns to the E4 Udderbelly; this time featuring Yungun - the internationally-acclaimed wordsmith praised by Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson, and who has supported Slum Village and De La Soul – with a live band and his brilliant upcoming album, “Middleman”; fast-rising band Benin City, whose Outkast-meets-James Brown sound is highly-rated by Xfm, BBC6 Music, SoccerAM and Reuters - and Inua Ellams, whose stellar one-man poetry show recently completed ten dates at The National Theatre. Hosted by exceptional new singer-songwriter Lail Arad." - Poejazzi
2010 is the Year of the Poet, we already know this and come the 1st of July 2010 (Next week THURSDAY!), the whole of London will do too. You already know about Benin City, don't you? Well remember when we mentioned them HERE? Alongside Benin City, add Yungun + Inua Ellams & the very exceptional Lail Arad on hosting duties & Poejazzi has come up with quite the line-up for this gig @ the E4 Udderbelly... I will be there & SO should you!

Check out some of what you can be sure to expect from the featured artists as we usually show after the jump + the good folks over at Benin City sent us in some free MP3 downloads from themselves, Yungun & Lail Arad, gearing up to this massive event and we share em as well as all the information about the evening right after the jump.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


"Come and see great performances from young talents, Shakka and Sewuese, songstress Louise Golbey and the 'next big thing', MIke Hough. Also amazing band Groove Control are going to be keeping the vibes up and Enrico Delves and Chantelle Nandi hosting on the night. Good Music all night!!! Doors open at 7.30pm and show starts at 8pm. Its £5 before 9pm, £7 thereafter. Be sure to arrive early... Take a midweek break and enjoy Real Music by Real Artists." - A and O Music

WOW!!! London + This Summer 2010 is shaping up to be a great mix for live showcases, coming off of an EPIC night at Rhythm Factory last week Thursday, courtesy of Remedy Live, in which Ash Remedies proudly & rightly said to me "That! That is how you do it Ayo! The whole scene needs to bring it like that!"... Thing is, he was speaking the truth & it seems like the good folks over at 'A and O Music' heard the veteran's words because the line-up that they've put together is nothing SHORT of UTTER BRILLIANCE...

This one's another one NOT to be missed I tell ya! They HAD me at Louise Golbey alone but Nah, they had to add Sewuese to the mix & I am still hearing BIG things about how Shakka tore up the stage while supporting Eric Robertson earlier in the year at Groove Gumbo + I just randomly found his blog & iRemember seeing him on stage for Ed Sheeran's lil freestyle session last week Thursday... He freestyle-sang (new word. Get with it!) init? #badman

I'll tell SHOW you why you shouldn't miss this showcase & give you more details of the evening right after the jump...

Thursday, 17 June 2010



I wonder if there was any MONEY on how long the amazing 'Music is Remedy' team would stay out of the Live Music Scene for, because THEY ARE BACK ladies & gentlemen, and SO back they are... With an epic line-up of very amazing emerging UK talent, this evening is looking like it is gonna be another EPIC one from the fellas!
"Music is Remedy spent three years in Camden, hosting one of the premier nights on London’s unsigned circuit featuring artists such as Tinashe, Jamie Woon, Cherri V and Zarif who are all now established recording artists thriving within the industry. With the Music is Remedy website and podcast series established, its time for a return to the live scene; with a new venue, new host and the same incredible quality of live music, fantastic atmosphere and an even bigger platform for artists and the scene!" - Music is Remedy
After the JUMP, we've got all the information you need plus we run through some of the line-up on the night & show you only what can be said to be a little bit of what to expect from this epic event, Remedies Live

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


This record, 'One Day' from Eldee The Don's latest album/mixtape 'Is It Your Money Volume 1' get's the visual treatment... Now typically I'd get into what this record is all about BUT iThink you should just press play & listen carefully, especially if you're of Nigerian origin!

... One Day, One Day, E go Beta!!!

Until the Next Time...

iCONCERT... MARIO x IndigO2 x JULY 29TH 2010

"Best known for his countless Hit Singles like “Just a Friend” (2002) and “Let Me Love You” (2004), which have won him multiple Billboard Awards… Grammy-Nominated R&B and Pop Singer, Actor, Model and Dancer – MARIO – will be gracing the stage in London IndigO2 at the O2 Arena, his First time performing his Brand New Album – D.N.A, as well as all the previous known Hits & Albums, with a Full Live Band!!!" - Starmix Management
I can hear the ladies GO crazy already for this one & I must admit, I quite enjoy a bit of Mario myself so I will definitely be at the IndigO2 on the 29th of July for this one! It's gotta be done!

Check out some of my favorite Mario tunes at the moment (hope he does em on the night, backed by a live band and all) + all the information that you need right after the JUMP...

iVideo... JOONIE - SO FLY

OK If you're regularly checking us out over at 'We Plug G.O.O.D Music' then you must have read our feature on this here artist from back in April... Check it out HERE if you havent! His debut album 'Acoustic Love' was released on the 27th of April and here's the visual treatment for the lead single 'So Fly'... ENJOY!

"If You Know You Fly, Lemme Hear You Sing..."

Purchase: Joonie - Acoustic Love (Album)

Until the Next Time...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


OK I need a HUGE late pass on this one but 'llow me mehn! Exams and all sorts ya know BUT yup, had to post this one for all my Hip-Hop heads out there... ENJOY!!!
"After two weeks of build up it's finally here! The New School beat tape consists of all ten beats that were included in the blog posts as well as another ten beats (one extra from each producer)! Out of the twenty beats included in this project, a whopping 14 of them are new/unreleased instrumentals that you won't find anywhere else! I hope you guys enjoy this compilation, it was a blast to put together! Major shoutouts to all the producers involved, OJ (Jaisu & S-Types manager), Arkayne for hooking up the artwork, and last but not least Hypedog!" - Hypedog + Luigi-Bo 87

Tracklist & Download Link right after the JUMP...

Monday, 14 June 2010

iPROMO... CLOUDY DAZE VOL. 2 & 3 x 21ST JUNE 2010

Well the Summer of 2010 just got that bit more interesting as AMAZING Emerging Spoken Word Artist, Zayna Daze has teamed back up with Cloudfist Conceptz for the release of the Second and Third installments of the Cloudy Daze LP... The first of which was & still is one amazing spoken word album that you should really and truly get your hands on!
"Cloudfistconceptz and I are very glad to announce the news of our forthcoming release: CLOUDY DAZE VOL. 2&3. This release is the follow up LP to it's predecessor CLOUDY DAZE VOL.1 released 15.11.09. Thank you for downloading our first project we hope you continue to enjoy and support our work. The official release date for the LP is the 21st of June 2010, it will be available for a free download at" - Zayna Daze
ROLL on Next Week Monday is what I say!!! Listen to this Sampler for Vol. 2 + 3 and lemme know your thoughts ok!

<a href="">Cloudy Daze LP Sampler by ZAYNA DAZE</a>

Check out for the LP Artwork + Full Tracklist after the JUMP...

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Just spotted over at Pigeons & Planes, ONE of the best & certainly my favorite record off of the 'Kush & Orange Juice' mixtape FINALLY gets the visual treatment!!! I am now officially a FAN of Mr. Khalifa, this mixtape did it for me + you gotta rate the work ethic, this is like what? The fourth video from the same mixtape... iRate that highly!!! I'll stop talking, y'all just watch!

Check out the rest of the videos from 'Kush & Orange Juice' after the JUMP...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

iMusic... Terri Walker - Flirtin' (Savvy Remix)

So the big homie Savvy shot over some goodness to us the other day by way of an extremely dope unreleased remix of the Terri Walker single 'Flirtin'... The original record can be found on the 2006 epic debut album of Legendary UK Producer, Emmanuel aka C-Swing the Black Einstein, 'D'Illusions of Grandeur'...
"The remix is an unreleased one I did when the label was planning to release the single, as I remember I didn't get it finished in time as the horn players didn't turn up the day they were supposed to, so it just never got released." - Savvy
iReally LIKE this Remix!!! Check it right below...

Download: Terri Walker - Flirtin' (Savvy Remix)

Check out for some more goodness from Savvy right HERE!!! & Follow him HERE!!!

#PS Emmanuel's epic 'D'Illusions of Grandeur' was re-released earlier this year and it is going for ONLY £2 at the minute, it's a stoooooppppid bargain so GO get that right now!!!

Until the Next Time...

iMusic... I Am ONE Project - Night Time Calling (SONIC REBEL REMIX)

"I Am One Project are a new and exciting talent mixing influences from Hip Hop, Grime, Folk and Soul to create a breathtaking new sound. The band consists of Oli Rose, a young gifted singer songwriter and Jamie Wallace an exhilarating underground MC. The lads are now touring the London circuit with a full band bringing their sound to a whole new level. They have been performing to sold out venues such as Camden Barfly, Cafe 1001 and Ronnie Scott’s. They have also supported the likes of Tinie Tempah and Bashy." - Press Release
I have to give it up for these fellas right here. Having noticed all the work they put into getting their music out there over the last 6 odd months, music which is admittedly very different to what you are typically used to BUT at the same time undoubtedly VERY good, I'm glad to see them getting the shine & receiving the buzz that they deserve. It can only get better for Oli & Jamie who make up 'I Am One Project'... Check out their debut single right below & do NOT forget to click on the 'Purchase' link at the end of this post!

SO what do you think of this one? I quite like it to be honest! Stick around after the jump to catch the video for their debut single as well as some footage of the duo performing another record, 'I'm Blessed', from their forthcoming EP! Enjoy...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

iMusic... Terri Walker - Understanding (Produced by Ski Beatz)

Fresh up from the good folks at SoulCulture, its NEW music from UK Soul Veteran Ms. Terri Walker titled 'Understanding' and it's her first single, produced by Ski Beatz, off of her forthcoming album, which is to be released via BluRoc & Damon Dash's newly resurrected Roc-a-Fella records... Lemme know what you think of this one!

<a href="">&quot;Understanding&quot; (Produced By Ski Beatz) by SoulCulture</a>

"Ski Beatz is SO Bossy Bossy Bossy Bossy!!!" - Terri Walker

#SideNote: COME back to us later for some more Terri Walker goodness

Catch you up later then...


SO I got an email earlier today from the big homie over at Spread Music, Dekk about this Drake/Coldplay Mash-Up album that his friend Chi Duly had put together. He wrote & I quote "Dont throw this out even if you hate Coldplay..." BUT what Mr. Dekker didn't know is that iLove Coldplay and what's more, I love Mash-Up Albums... The Jay-Z/Coldplay + Jay-Z/The Beatles Mash-Ups + Mick Boogie's Grammy 2008 Mash-Up & NOT forgetting the Adele/80's Hip-Hop Mash-Up... Key point is, I immediately hit download on this... The first record I was greeted with is titled 'Ever Lost' & enjoy it right below!

TRACKLIST + DOWNLOAD LINK right after the JUMP... GO!!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

iVideo... Phi Ade - The Letter

Before we jump into why we're here... We were away for a minute BUT now we're back... Get ready for the flurry of updates! New Music | New Videos | New Fashion | New Gigs | New Coolness & Some personal Writing (from me ofcourse)... Let's GOOO!!!

This is DMV Native Phil Ade's latest video for the record 'The Letter' thats gonna be off of his soon-to-be-released mixtape 'The Letterman' hosted by Don Cannon (July 6th is the release date via so yeah look out for that one!), iLike this so I'm sharing...

I'm looking forward to this mixtape for real and if it's anything like his previous mixtape 'Starting on JV' then its another #epicwin for Good Music!

Anyway check out some more GOODness from Phil Ade right after the jump