Tuesday, 5 April 2011

iMusic... Daughter - His Young Heart (EP)

The very amazing Elena Tonra also known as Daughter who we recently featured on WPGM has just released her official début EP titled 'His Young Heart' and by all accounts from listening to this 4-track opus, Ms. Tonra is picking right up from where she left things on her sublime Demo EP. Her voice is still very much this ethereal and captivating thing of beauty that I fell in love with previously and Elena's songwriting if at all possible might have just gone up a notch and all you need to do is listen to songs like "Landfill" and "Candles" to notice and appreciate on some level, this young woman's ability to articulate the most indescribable feelings into words in ways you didn't think possible.

Listen to Daughter's 'His Young Heart' EP below...

#PS the EP is 4 tracks and only £3 (less than £1 per track) so I don't see why you shouldn't be buying it anyway but when you consider how much of a beautifully crafted body of work this is, it kinda is a no-brainer!


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