Thursday, 14 April 2011

iNaija... Show Dem Camp + Lucci - What You Waiting For (Free Download)

Nigerian Hip-Hop duo, Show Dem Camp drop the fourth and final single titled "What You Waiting For" off of their debut album Dreamer which is due out in May, 2011. This follow-up to the ridiculously dope "Alpha Kenny Body" features Lucci in smooth form on vocal duties and is just in time for your weekend! Listen & Download below...

#PS: So here's the thing! The content on this here blog has been sporadic of late and here's the reason why... I don't have internet at the crib at the moment and on one hand, i should sort it out and get it installed but where's the money plus on the other hand, I've got exams on June 4 so the lack of internet is helping me focus or should help me focus... Anyway bear with me while I try to figure this out but any chance I get, you know I'll always share some goodness like this with you!!!

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