Thursday, 18 July 2013

iCompetition... 'Brothers With No Game' Need A New Theme Song

"After a successful opening season which accumulated over 400,000 views, 6 LA Web Series Festival 2013 Awards and major coverage in The Guardian, The Voice, The Grio (NBC News) & G4 (NBC Universal) to name a few; ‘Brothers With No Game – The Web Series’ announces its official return for Season 2. This time they want YOU to be involved. They are looking for a new theme song for the show and are taking entries from YOU. Submit a new track or pre-recorded track specifically for Brothers With No Game to stand in with a chance of having the soundtrack to one of UK’s top Web Series." 
After all submissions, the creators will shortlist their favourites and choose one. 


Theme song submissions can be in the form of a jingle, full track or instrumental.
Any genre is welcome as long as the track is specific towards our show’s themes.
Any artist in any country can submit.


You can either upload your track on youtube or send us an mp3 at
The deadline for submission is 26th July 2013.


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