Tuesday, 21 December 2010

iDocumentary... Michael Jordan: Invincible (Trailer)

A documentary filled with Michael Jordan's court highlights? You've gotta love it even though it's Indie and has to be said, unauthorized from the man himself. German Film-maker and Editor, LK12 Productions has set himself the huge task of depicting Michael Jordan's Airness in 10-20 minutes to be released in 2011 and I for one am NOT mad at that!!!

My only problem with it is in the credits where it says 'A Michael Jordan Film', please DO NOT deceive the people with some mockery! Other than that, I like the idea and the trailer is tres DOPE, in fact it's more than dope, it's AWESOME is what it is! I've watched it quite a few times already! The man was a BEAST! Every Jordan fan & any basketball fan in general will enjoy this & maybe the new kids will get it right once and for all who the greatest ever basketball player really is!


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