Friday, 10 December 2010

iMusic... Noonakai - All My Journeys

"A band based in the northern city of Leeds from where they have overseen the propagation of their delightful new song on both printed sheets and wax cylinders to be enjoyed at leisure in households across the nation. 'All My Journeys' is a simple song - a few chords on Rhodes keyboard and guitar, sampled strings, drums but no bass and Karen Pirie's heartbreaking vocal. 'All My Journeys' is Air without the aloofness, quiet but passionate." - Press Release

I LOVE THIS! I can go ahead and conjure up some smart and witty words to describe this song as most bloggers usually do BUT the press blurb above said it best. This is a simple song but everything about it works and those vocals are doing it for me right now! Noonakai are doing it for me right now and you can check out the B-side to 'All My Journeys' aptly titled 'Escape To...' right below which is described as an "Instrumental with Echoes of Air"...


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