Wednesday, 22 December 2010

iConversations... Teddy Riley x SoulCulture UK

"In the second excerpt from our recent interview, Teddy Riley talks to SoulCulture TV in London about the “final four” members of Blackstreet and their plans to “go out with a bang”, with three songs currently complete for their new album along with their forthcoming "incredible" re-make of ‘Heaven Can Wait’, from Michael Jackson‘s Invincible album. Riley also speaks on the other Blackstreet members’ trust in his judgement, using their lack of belief in their 2006 single ”No Diggity” [resulting in Teddy singing the first verse] and its subsequent platinum success as an example of his vision coming through. Attributing Blackstreet’s success to their willingness to cater to their fans, he goes on to explain the hurdles that prevented the Guy comeback from going any further." - SoulCulture Media
Cannot wait to hear this new Blackstreet material, I hope it's as amazing as he says it is!!!


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