Tuesday, 31 August 2010

iMusic... Rob Carvalho - Loving You

"Reggae, Latin, jazz, soul: the eclectic sound of multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter Carvalho evokes them all with his captivating melodies. He started performing as a teenager, composing poems and tunes which later became reflective songs about love, society, passion and pride. His musical influences are equally diverse – think Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Meshell Ndegeocello to name just a few" - Rob Carvalho

New music for you to vibe with courtesy this Emerging Birmingham-born Singer/Songwriter Rob Carvalho and I'm feeling this one. It's got a Reggae (slash) Grown-up feel to it and I ain't mad at that at all. I generally just like the vibe on this record. Hope you like it too.

Until the Next Time...

Monday, 30 August 2010


"ERROR OPERATOR is an electronica/experimental/downtempo alter ego for a renowned House/Electro DJ & Producer from London who remains anonymous" - Error Operator
Sometime in June or thereabouts, I started receiving email newsletters from some anonymous UK-based producer called Error Operator and I found it quite bizzare, well extremely bizzare to be honest but oh well that's neither here nor there. What's here and what's there is I'll be sharing some of the contents of those emails and subsequent emails, well only content that I like ofcourse... So enjoy this one (got into my inbox July 30th)

I love the original Radiohead Reckoner and I loved what US Hip-Hop producer Remot did with it HERE but I liked this, what about you?


Sunday, 29 August 2010

iDownload... Loudmouth Melvin - E.P 3

The third installment from U.K Hip-Hop artist Loudmouth Melvin in his E.P release series. It's 5 records of essential Hip-Hop music. Melvin's lyrics + subject matter on this are so true and so real (the track 'Withheld' is just on some next level fackeries. I can imagine that happening to me and all) + the flow is on point here. Download link right below, it's that simple.

Download: Loudmouth Melvin - E.P 3

#Shouts to Mentalist for the heads up



"AT, born Atuora Erokoro (1990) is a Nigerian rapper from Cross River State. AT got into music at an early age, listening to various artists from TLC to Elvis. She graduated from Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja in 2006 and is currently attending college in Baltimore, Maryland. AT is set to drop “The Climb”, her first mixtape, summer 2010. She worked with the talented DJ Babus on the project" - AT

'My style is indelible, you're a fad. You come & go! Dunno what I mean? You can read a book darling!' - AT

'They wanna put me in a box but I never mess with squares...' - AT

I LIKE THIS & because I'm in such a commenting mood today, let's run the commentary below!

#DearAT you need to make 'When the Money Goes' longer! Thank you! #FYI I almost wasn't gonna put this up. You gotta come with a far better picture than that (gimme edgy but more importantly gimme professionalism)

#DearFemaleNigerianEmcees I guess y'all should pay attention, get off your bums & drop a verse, drop a 16, drop anything that's remotely on point because you've got artists like this knocking on the door. Granted her flow & her lyrics aren't aeons out there BUT they trump what's out there right now! #theend

#PPS #DearArtists If you're trying to get attention by doing freestyles over popular music, do it over music that people like ok! I read this homegirl's email & I wasn't really interested and then I saw the MP3 attachments, I just had to listen to what she'd done over 'When the Money Goes' & 'Light Up'... I just had to! Aight I'm done talking lol!


iDownload... Mary J. Blige - Break Up to Make Up

New Mary J via Splash's blog which you should bookmark to be honest! I'm just pressing play on this one now so iReckon you should get to downloading & do the same!

Download: Mary J. Blige - Break Up to Make Up

Verdict: It's OK I guess. You might like it though

#Shouts to Splash


iSingle... EmAy - If You're Breathing

New Music from the homie from Toronto. Check it out. Download it

<a href="http://emay.bandcamp.com/album/if-youre-breathing-single">If You're Breathing by Emay</a>


Saturday, 28 August 2010

iShuffle... Jesse Boykins III - The Beauty Created

I've been looking for something to vibe to for a couple hours and guess what just came on on my iTunes? 'Pantyhose' by Jesse Boykins III of off his 2008 album 'The Beauty Created' and I thought I'd share the goodness! If you don't yet have this album & I know there will be some of you out there (shame on you!!!) that are still not clued into this amazing artist... Well this post is for you! Listen right below to one of my favourite records from the album & Just do the right thing (for your own self)...

<a href="http://jb3music.bandcamp.com/track/come-to-my-room">Come To My Room by Jesse Boykins III</a>

Until the Next Time...

iDownload... BIGZ - STAR MAN (EP)

JUST hitting PLAY on this one and you should too! Bigz is a facking beast on the MIC & I expect nothing short of a extremely dope body of work! First song deep and the verse he spits on this is just crazy + his flow is on a next thing!

<a href="http://bigz.bandcamp.com/album/star-man">Star Man by Bigz</a>

#PS We need to get the video for that 'Omo Naija' record! Eldee wins with that hook on that record!

Until the Next Time...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


"Grand Central consists of Mr. Drastick and Kinetik, two former solo artists, who combined forces this past March to start a new musical movement. Much like Outkast and Little Brother, the two distinct personalities of Drastick and Kinetik is a key ingredient in making their music unique and distinctive. The Grand Central vibe is smooth, warm and inviting; aimed at lovers of music who seek a mature and intelligent approach to what they listen to." - James Martey (Manager)

This right here is the Hip-Hop that I love! It's got that soulful blend to it... This stays winning in my books & what's more its UK Music! Who says the UK ain't got proper Hip-Hop music! Now I've previously heard of Kinetik but only in passing & now I am gonna go look for some of his solo-work for sure cos I am feeling this collaborative project with Mr. Drastick & more urgently, I will be downloading the 'God Loves Grinders Vol. 1' mixtape by these two very dope UK emcees now known as Grand Central. You should too but NOT after you check out one more of their videos after the jump...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


"Beats-a-plenty, genre bending, Autotune loving, content compelling, in part inspired by nothing and everything all at the same time. Moxie Black’s debut album, How Did This Happen?, combines the even-tempered Dekk—his meticulously infused indie-pop inspired arrangements, R&B melodies, and electro-pop production—with iLLA’s swagger—his confident bravado, out of the box cadences, and crass attitude." - Spread Label
It is finally here! You've heard the leaks 'Risky Bizness' & then 'So Much Better'... Now you really just need to hit that download button and enjoy this masterpiece! If you still need convincing (like WTF?) then you can listen to the album right after the jump (& peep the back cover/track-list as well!!!)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

iMusic... J.Nolan - Broken Dreams (Album)

Different Kitchen, Please Don't Stare & The Couch Sessions have come together as The Connoisseurs of Culture to bring you Atlanta, Georgia's J.Nolan's latest (Free) Album, Broken Dreams. I'm just a few songs in and I'm liking what I've heard so far, it's got that soulful hip-hop vibe that I enjoy so you can't go wrong, can ya? Hit the play button below and if you're feeling it too, don't forget to hit the download button as well! It's a WIN WIN!

<a href="http://jnolaniscool.bandcamp.com/album/broken-dreams">Golden (prod. oriJanus) by J.Nolan</a>

Download: J.Nolan - Broken Dreams


Monday, 16 August 2010


"The Funk Soul diva that is Kaana Ellie is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut Album “Now or Never”. To help build up anticipation for its release we have made her EP ‘Better Late Then Never’ available as a free download on bandcamp. Recorded in 2007 alongside The Remedies you have 5 tracks of quality UK Soul to give you a little taster of what’s to come from the album and to get to know a little more about Kaana Ellie." - Ash Remedy
You've seen the EPK! Now just to gently ease us into what is gonna be an amazing debut album, Ms. Ellie & The Remedies have liberated their 2007 release 'Better Late Than Never' for our listening pleasure and it sounds as fresh and as current as anything you'll hear in 2010, testament to the pure fact that Good Music is timeless! Enjoy...

<a href="http://kaanaellie.bandcamp.com/album/better-late-then-never">When Its Too Late by Kaana Ellie &amp; The Remedies</a>


Saturday, 14 August 2010

iMusic... DJ KLEM - Six8Ten EP

Nigerian-based Producer & RBMA 2010 Alumni, DJ Klem blesses us with his latest opus, the 7-track EP titled Six8Ten. It's definitely worth checking out & you can clearly see how his time at the RBMA earlier in the year has greatly influenced his music! You get some house, some dance, some electro-pop & a bit more dance all on this EP & if you ever wondered what a Yoruba song would sound like on an Electro-dance production, just hit the huge play button right below...

That record is titled 'Laiye' and it's my favourite record on the EP so I thought I'd share it with you. Go ahead and download the whole EP for free via the link below.

Download: DJ Klem - Six8Ten EP


Friday, 13 August 2010

iMusic... WRETCH 32 - TRAKTOR

Brand new single from the big homie Wretch 32! I'm liking this one still... Expect no compromises from this man! Check it right below & lemme know what you think!

#PS Someone send me the CDQ when they get it please, thanks!

#PPS Does MOS mean Ministry of Sound anybody?

Download: Wretch 32 - Wretch32.Com (Mixtape)

Until the Next Time...

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Brand NEW Visuals from the big homie Wale for 'Number Won' off of his latest mixtape 'More About Nothing'. If you haven't listened to this mixtape then you're losing at life & that's the truth!



Exclusively Premièred on Bella Naija is the Brand new video from Nigerian Acoustic Soul-Singer Bez for his new single 'More You' which is off of his debut album 'Super Sun' which is out Next Month & Executive-Produced by Super-producer Cobhams Asuquo (think Asa - Jailer et al)

Well what can I say? Kemi Adetiba stays raising the bar for Nigerian Music videos... Hopefully the rest of the pack can catch up!

#Respect Bella Naija

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


"Expect controversy from J Dilla fans and thank-you notes from Death Cab For Cutie groupies. Produced by The Dust Will Settle, “Closer” remixes J Dilla’s “Time: The Donut of the Heart” with elements from “Transatlanticism” by Death Cab For Cutie." - Spread PR
I'm not even gonna talk much about Moxie Black any more, the leaks over the last few weeks have spoken for themselves + Really & Truly, what can I say about this here record? Its J Dilla + Death Cab for Cuties for crying out loud! I bet you're sat there trying to figure out how the hell... How the hell what? Just hit that BIG play button right below!

Download: Moxie Black - Closer (J Dilla vs. Death Cab for Cutie)

'How Did This Happen?' is OUT Next Wednesday (18-08-10)


Monday, 9 August 2010

iMusic... Free Radical - The Free Radical EP

"My music definitely has a spirit of its own and sounds like nothing else out there right now. If I HAD to compare it to something though, I would say it's the perfect mix between Muse (my favorite) and N.E.R.D. I released a self-titled EP in late June and I have it posted on my bandcamp page for free download. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but I now reside in LA. I recently signed a publishing deal with So Star Ent./Peer Music." - Anythony Tullow (Free Radical)
Its Alternative + Rock + Hip-Hop but I'm not complaining, I'm actually enjoying this record I'm listening to right now (you can listen to it right below too). If you like your music loud but with rhythm & with electric guitars & with a thumping bass line & crazy dope drum patterns then you should definitely check this EP out! I'm not gonna lie, this ain't for everyone but I'll implore you to hit play at this record below & then we can take it from there. What do you say?

<a href="http://thefreeradical.bandcamp.com/track/s-p-c-the-girls-i-loved-2">S.P.C. (The Girls I Loved) by The Free Radical</a>

Download: Free Radical - The Free Radical EP

Until the Next Time...


Ash from Music is Remedy & I have had a couple of conversations about what Kanaa Ellie is bringing on her album & I rarely ever get excited about music iHaven't heard BUT I'll tell you now, I'm excited to hear what Ms. Ellie & The Remedies are gonna unleash on us. The passion & energy with which Ash talks about this project is only surpassed by the passion & energy that Kanaa herself brings to her stage performances. I saw her at Remedy Live a couple months ago & it was like she left a piece of herself on that stage!

The album 'Now or Never' soon come!

#Shouts to PinBoard Films

Peace, Love & #GoodMusic!!!

Friday, 6 August 2010


"Unlike so much generic pop these days, Matti's songs are based on distinctive and unique grooves and chords, which are both fresh and nostalgic all at once. Like all the tracks on the album, OCD is written, produced, arranged and recorded by Matti with all vocals, keyboards, saxophones and guitars performed by Matti himself. Lyrically, each one of Matti's songs are based on a simple concept to which almost anyone can relate. In OCD, we find Matti becoming a victim of an unhealthy love fixation, obsessing over her every move, trying to hack into her e-mail, trading dignity for desperation." - Press Release
Fresh off Matti Roots' really dope buzz single, 'Raw' which we shared with you on our radio show a few weeks ago, comes the visual introduction and sneak peek into the amazing artist that is Matti Roots as well as a snippet into the soon-to-be-released official 2nd Single, 'OCD' off of the highly anticipated 'Beat Root' album... Check out the EPK right after the jump & the OCD Snippet right below that!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

iVideo... Freedom or Death - This Crowded Room

"Freedom Or Death - We are a duo from Toronto, who released our first self-titled EP in June 2010.  We had both been in the Canadian music industry for over 10 years and decided to leave the corporate environment of the major labels to pursue “our” art over “their” business. Every song (or child as we call them) was raised to be the best it could be on its own.  We didn't worry about it making sense and how it would fit in with the rest of our songs (children).  What resulted is a mix of genres from Electronica, Indie Rock to Folk." - Freedom or Death Music

Our review of Freedom or Death's self-titled EP will be up on We Plug G.O.O.D Music really soon but I want you to savour this video. Go right ahead & play it back, over & over again! This was the depressing music that sounds so GOOD I was tweeting about last weekend... If you're feeling the video & can't wait for our review of the EP, get your copy via the link right below!

Until the Next Time...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

iCONCERT... T3M x IndigO2 x AUGUST 13TH 2010

"Three of UK gospel music’s most brightest stars have come together to form a one-off monumental project, namely ‘T3M’. The three musketeers is a campaign that Faith Child, Guvna B and Victizzle have created with the vision of “making gospel music mainstream”. MOBO award winner Victizzle, UMA award winner Guvna B, and Cordless Show winner Faith Child have set sail on a two-fold project which includes a single release titled ‘Echo’, and an ambitious attempt to sell out London’s world renowned Indig02 music venue." - T3M Press Release
To the naked eye, it might seem that T3M, which is made up of three of the UK's finest young Gospel artists, Guvna B, Faith Child & Victizzle are punching well above their weight by booking the world-renowned IndigO2 for their Gospel concert, which iMight add is a monumental feat even in itself (the IndigO2 apparently will not just take any bookings lol!) & aiming to sell it out in their quest to take Gospel Music to the mainstream audience BUT this is a very GOOD look if you ask me! Gospel music speaks more to me than any other music, iFind that it lifts me up, it moves me in a totally different way & it'd be great if I could get that 'outside the four walls of the Church' as T3M put it... It will be a hard task BUT this is a huge step in the right direction & I am definitely supporting the movement SO if you're in the UK, you should definitely come out and support T3M at the IndigO2 next week Friday!

I've been to quite a few gigs at the IndigO2 this year & it'd be amazing if a Gospel concert tops them all! You can check out what these guys are about right below

Peace & Love...

iLike... PinBoard Blog x Terri Walker

"UK soul veteran Terri Walker sits down with PinBoardBlog.com for an exclusive chat about what she's been up to in the 4 years she's been out of the spotlight. She explains that she's been working hard behind the scenes, writing for various projects and most recently teaming up with Hip Hop producer Ski Beatz on a number of projects - including her own album. She talks about working with Dame Dash and the whole 'Creative Control' camp, as well as the idea and concept behind her forthcoming project. Not only this, but we also recorded an exclusive session with Terri Walker as she rehearsed for her Aesthetic Soul performance. She performs her brand new single 'Understanding' a long side a lil' classic you may remember from back in the day!" - PinBoard Blog

This is really dope! Terri Walker is a LEGEND really & truly, like the woman has got SOUL (& she's looking MIGHTY fine too)! I dunno how she's been away for like 4 odd years, it's a travesty if I'm being honest! Anyhoo the good folks at PinBoard caught up with Ms. Walker while she was over in London for her Aesthetic Sounds gig at Vibe Live (which iShould add is looking very very nice since the last time our One Mic event was there!). She talks about her growth, the UK music scene, 'Selling Out' or rather R&B artists going down the Pop route to make sales, but mainly & more importantly, her new MUSIC (the direction + possible features et al)

PinBoard is So Bossy Bossy Bossy!

Photography by Samit Taylor

Until the Next Time...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

iNAIJA... Teeto Ceemos - Da Freshness (Mixtape)

"Freshboy in collaboration with Sound city Blast Magazine present Teeto's 'Da Freshness' mixtape with hit bound singles like 'I'm Ill' 'You are not my girl Ft Beazy' 'Finest ft Vector','I Got This ft Ghetto P'. For each copy of the latest edition of Soundcity Blast,there would be a free copy of 'Da Freshness' attached. Please grab a copy for your loved ones." - Sapphire & Rubies PR
That time is finally here! The long-awaited Re-Introduction of Nigerian Hip-Hop artist, Teeto Ceemos by the way of 'Da Freshness', his first OFFICIAL mixtape (first since 2004 unofficially)... This 14-track mixtape shows us what we already know about the kid (He's got Skills) & not much else. It largely feels like he doesn't try too hard on this & as he says in 'I'm Ill', this shit is too easy! Having said that, you still will NOT find a lot of Nigerian Hip-Hop mixtapes that dominate 'Da Freshness', now whether that says much about the Nigerian Hip-Hop scene or much about Teeto Ceemos will be left for you to judge!

If you're a fan of Teeto, you'll love this and it's guaranteed to gain him some more fans BUT this is NOT the one to win over the unbelievers... My favorites records after a couple listens are 'I Got This' & 'So Fresh' & as it goes, they are the tracks that feature XO on vocals, I think he can sing (like really sing).

So go right ahead and get your download on right below & when you've given it a spin, come back & let me know your thoughts

Tracklist + Download Link after the JUMP...

Sunday, 1 August 2010

iVideo... Charlie Sloth + Black the Ripper - Where Did It Go?

I'm not gonna comment too much on this video except saying:

1. I can't believe I'm a few days late on this


2. Black the Ripper GOES ALL THE WAY IN!!!