Friday, 2 April 2010

iMusic... JUDAH - The "Amber Rose" Instrumentals + 'Choose Wisely' Video

So I received some new music earlier today by way of a DC Producer named Judah & 'The Amber Rose Instrumentals'... Initially, I was like 'So Who's this Judah fella then & Amber Rose???' BUT then I peeped the video WHICH you should definitely check out after the JUMP...

.... & I was SOLD! The really dope visuals you just witnessed were for 'Choose Wisely' and is inspired by the latest project from DC Native & Producer Judah (who co-stars in the video) interestingly titled 'The Amber Rose Instrumentals'... Now, I've just finished listening to this mixtape and it is really really GOOD so I thought I'd share it! I definitely implore you to download it & give it a few spins... The link as at the bottom of the page.

Whilst listening to 'The Amber Rose Instrumentals', it dawns on me that I have actually heard Judah before. He provided some amazing musical backdrops on the track titled 'Miss Trouble' from the now legendary 2008 'Mick Boogie + Terry Urban Presents Viva La Hova' mixtape, check it out still...

In other news, MTV: UK (Yes they're feeling him too) recently caught up with Judah to break bread with him and you can check out how that went HERE!

#sidebar... Was just speaking to my colleague and I dunno why BUT we've been getting ALOT of Incredible Music from New & Emerging artists from the DMV Area lately so definitely BIG-UP The DMV, there must be something in the water out there!

Until the Next Time...

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