Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Just IN... Eazy - SheRoze

OK So check out (below) 'SheRoze', the first single from Georgia Native, Emmanuel Little aka Eazy off of his Summer 2010 project titled 'The Raptism' (More on that over on We Plug GOOD Music when the time is right)

<a href="http://eazy.bandcamp.com/track/sherose">SheRose by Eazy</a>
"It's called "SheRose"... The song is about empowering women, telling 3 different stories with rapped verses and spoken word" - Eazy
I especially like the mix of Spoken Word & Hip-Hop verses that essentially makes this really soulful track that much better + the story-telling on this is ON point... So yeah, that download link below? USE IT!

Download: Eazy - SheRoze

On some more music tip, I just realised that his debut album 'The Public Speaker' is out on his BandCamp for free download so get on over there & lemme know what you think please... Thanks!

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#sidenote - This is the 1st of 3 Music Updates TODAY so check back later for some more goodness... Next Stop after this? Las Gidi | Nigeria

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  1. Thanks so much for the spotlight - if folks love this there is more to come!