Wednesday, 5 January 2011

iINTRODUCE... Sammy - Oh My! + Hustler

YOU need to check out these brand NEW songs that the good folks over at just put me on from emerging Nigerian-based Singer/Songwriter, former Choreographer and all around RISING Pop Star, Sammy who's recently signed to Bit Bender Entertainment and is ABOUT to blow the roof off of the whole African Male R&B/Pop scene... Check out Sammy's lead single right below as produced by the one they call Sleekamo, it's called 'Oh My!'

Everything from the silky smooth voice of this very promising singer Sammy down to very head-bopping Pop-esque musical backdrop provided by Sleekamo kinda works, doesn't it? At first, it kinda feels like Seeklamo's production might be too big for Sammy BUT from when you hear that first 'Oh My!', tell me you're not just hooked? 

And for the B-side, Sammy and his producer cohort Sleekamo come with an every smoother, more chilled out track titled 'Hustler' which you can listen to and download after the jump...

I think I prefer this one although I just can't get the hook of 'Oh My!' outta my head. On this one, Sleekamo provides a rather or relatively minimal musical backdrop upon which Sammy literally shines before letting the music really come to life with heavier chords, keys & drum patterns on the hooks. Sammy's voice stands out better here and you hear the richness in it

What can I say? I think we've got a hugely talented young artist on our hands and I would keep my eyes well peeled for this one in 2011! It won't be long before these songs start getting played on radio stations all over the country, just don't forget where you first heard it (remember this brother with soul? See where he is now!)... Make sure you get your FREE downloads below!!!

Download: Sammy - Oh My! // Sammy - Hustler



  1. For Oh My! by Prince Adewale Oreshade
    Tradocentric pop
    With a sonorous
    Voice that pierces
    Every heart to loop

    Its ingenuity
    Of sounds
    And dance

    With simplicity
    That calms

    Enabled to top!

  2. The way i love this i cannot explain