Wednesday, 29 June 2011

iMusic... Hologram Heart Parade - Dirty Heart

"Hologram Heart Parade formed at the turn of 2011. Combining Tom Tom Club's playful vigour and Grace Jones' brooding menace. The two-woman, three-man band led by Glasgow born singer and songwriter Pauline Johnston recall pop's soulful side while tipping their hat to Sparks, Roxy Music, Prince and the The Pointer Sisters. The promo release of "DIRTY HEART" bristles with glamour and a laid-back disco heartbeat that compels you to dance the pain away. It is available as a free download now."
This is that GOOD GOOD music - excellent Pop music filled with great vocals, lush synths, groovy guitar licks and well funky drum patterns that take you right back to the 80's - courtesy of emerging Manchester quintet Hologram Heart Parade led by singer/songwriter Pauline Johnston... A sure winner, this!


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