Monday, 15 November 2010

iMusic... The Lunch Break - Jeremy Piven

"The Lunch Break is not the typical group with cookie cutter formulas. On the contrary, The Lunch Break is just as its name conveys: A break from the norm. This independent band is the distinctive mixture of Michael “Mike Cease” Canzius, Corderius “Jayell” Climpson and Jarrett “JDG” Grimes. Each of these young men possesses a distinct and natural musical ability and when they blend their individual styles, the result is a sound not like any other heard in recent years." - The Lunch Break

New emerging music outta ATL by the way of 'The Lunch Break' for you to check out, if you like what you hear then you can get some more of their music from HERE & if you wanna learn more about this ATL Alternative Hip-Hop band, you can check out their EPK as well.


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  1. I Love The Lunch Break. You should start covering their "Meals On Mondays" where they release a new song every Monday