Thursday, 4 November 2010


"The Ultimate Seminar is the destination for those looking to get a “real taste” of the Music Business. Being held on Sunday, November 14 at The British Music Experience @ O2 in Greenwich, we are offering free tickets to attend to those individuals and groups who are interested in entering the music business or who need to sharpen their knowledge or/and skills. The Ultimate Seminar aims to inspire those on their journey in music with a close look into the methods behind some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the British music business. The panel is made up of a who’s who of the UK’s leading Producers, Managers, Artists, A&R Reps, VideoDirectors, our Managers, Music Legal Eagles, Promoters, Managers, Session Musicians, and Stage and Lighting Experts. Special guests include Devlin, Kano, Labrinth, Lemar, Jamal (SBTV) and many more." - One Hundred Global
It's always worth gaining knowledge from the people that have gone before you and cracked the safe so I think this should be a good opportunity so do reach! I have been informed that there are a limited number of tickets and spaces available for this event, so secure your places fast by sending an e-mail with your name and contact phone/e-mail to Yaw at!


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