Thursday, 18 November 2010

iMusic... Oh Stereo - Waiting For The Sun

"Oh Stereo is Scott Marquart and Mason Hickman (hailing from Indianapolis and Salt Lake City, respectively), two kids who met their first day of college when they were thrown in a dorm room together and told to get along.  Fortunately, they did, and soon they were making music together, each playing guitar.  Before long though their neighbors got fed up with all of the noise and Scott and Mason retreated to their computers and started making music on headphones.  What followed was a drastic change in style for both, and out of this exciting new territory came the beginnings of Oh Stereo." - Oh Stereo
Here's the official first single from this emerging indie-pop (synth-pop) duo from Nashville TN, Oh Stereo called 'Waiting For The Sun' which is off of their self-titled debut album (Oh Stereo) which is scheduled to be released for free on December 2nd via their bandcamp. Just about to peruse the full album but I like this first single & I thought I'd share it with you so definitely check it out... Hope you like it!

Do they remind you of Owl City a little bit (in some parts?) or is it just me? Either way I reckon this first single is really well done, I really like it. After a couple listens, I guarantee you'll be hooked, even if it's by the catchy hook alone or the synth-layered musical backdrop, something definitely grabs and holds your attention. Like I said, I hope you like it (too)

Download: Oh Stereo - Waiting For The Sun (or via bandcamp)

Remember to download their debut album on December 2nd!


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  1. yea they do remind of owl city a lil, not bad at all