Monday, 29 November 2010

iVideo... Jesse Boykins III - Come To My Room

"When I created The Beauty Created I aimed to make music that symbolizes moments of love at every level. It has been 2 years since the task and I feel as if I have made these very moments with all of you. I know the best way to show my appreciation is to continue our connection by making more passionate music. I am truly grateful for every ear that has heard a song from that album, and shared a song with their loved ones. I will continue to insist on romance in every lyric I put melody to. Thank You. Also Thanks to Soul Train & Centric for my award nomination." – Jesse
Visual treatment via Dr. Woo for one of my favourite ever Jesse Boykin III songs! iCannot wait for Jesse's new album, 'The Love Apparatus', it's been so long overdue but I bet it'll be worth the wait and for all my UK heads, you will know that Mr. Boykins III will be performing in London on Saturday, the 11th of December at the Bloomsbury Ballroom so definitely look out for those tickets because they are out and about...


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