Tuesday, 30 November 2010

iINTERVIEW... RICH HIL x Winner's Circle

Rich Hil fans will love this. Their man sits down with Lex from 'Down For The Win' for a little chat about the Hip-Hop game + his new mixtape + his music making process + his musical influences + a little bit more. I am quite intrigued by this fella even though I'm not the biggest fan of his music! I have one of his mixtapes on my iTunes and I cannot wrap my head around it, much like that Kid Cudi début album (very emo-rap esque) but I'll have to look out for Mr. Hill's new mixtape

#Shoutout to Lex and Down For The Win for shooting this one my way

iNaija... X.O Senavoe - Messy/Messi (Black & Yellow Freestyle)

New freestyle from fast emerging Nigerian Hip-Hop artist, X.O Senavoe going over Wiz Khalifa's 'Black & Yellow'. Make sure you listen for the dope and witty word play & get your free download right below!


iLIVE... AMERIE x Sunday Show x December 5th 2010

US R&B Princess Amerie will be performing LIVE this Sunday, December 5th at Sound in Leicester Square (London) courtesy the good folks at The Sunday Show. This one is a must reach and at £5 before 7.30pm, it is also a NO BRAINER really! Support acts for the evening include the amazing Terri Walker, Daley & Ruff Diamondz as well as The Pictures from Sky One's 'Must Be The Music'. Read on after the jump for all the details that you need to attend + some vintage Amerie + some new Terri Walker + Daley to get you ready for Sunday...

Monday, 29 November 2010

iVideo... Shy FX + Kano + Donaeo + Roses Garbor - Raver

"Shy FX's new single Raver featuring Kano, Donae'o & Roses Gabor is the first single from Shy's forthcoming album 'Larger Than Life' due out in 2011. Raver will be released as a FREE download on Mon 6th Dec alongside remixes from Breakage, MJ Cole, Skream, B.Traits, Attacca Pesante, Benny Page and Shy FX himself."

iVideo... Jesse Boykins III - Come To My Room

"When I created The Beauty Created I aimed to make music that symbolizes moments of love at every level. It has been 2 years since the task and I feel as if I have made these very moments with all of you. I know the best way to show my appreciation is to continue our connection by making more passionate music. I am truly grateful for every ear that has heard a song from that album, and shared a song with their loved ones. I will continue to insist on romance in every lyric I put melody to. Thank You. Also Thanks to Soul Train & Centric for my award nomination." – Jesse
Visual treatment via Dr. Woo for one of my favourite ever Jesse Boykin III songs! iCannot wait for Jesse's new album, 'The Love Apparatus', it's been so long overdue but I bet it'll be worth the wait and for all my UK heads, you will know that Mr. Boykins III will be performing in London on Saturday, the 11th of December at the Bloomsbury Ballroom so definitely look out for those tickets because they are out and about...


Sunday, 28 November 2010

iMusic... Three Kings High - Tell Em Lies

Three Kings High are a upcoming Bristol-based 5-piece band that describe their music as a blend between Northern Soul, Blues & Hip-Hop. I just bumped into their material in my inbox, I pressed play and now you definitely should too so I thought I'd share with you, check it out...

Keep Tabs on Three Kings High: Facebook // Soundcloud


iNaija... MO EAZY + Johnson - Love & Hate

Here's the official European single from Nigerian UK-based Hip-Hop artist Mo Eazy titled 'Love & Hate'. On this here 'love & hate', he switches the hard hitting hip-hop sound we heard on the breakout single 'Red Carpet' for a more rock-infused pop sound to appeal to an European audience... Check it out below

I quite like this one from the Nigerian but I'd rather have longer verses or a third verse from Mo Eazy cos  I think Johnson who features on the hook + bridge carries on for quite a bit but that's just me. Love & Hate is scheduled for release on the 28th of February 2011 and you should definitely get your hands on this...


Thursday, 25 November 2010

iCover... Liam Bailey - Rather Go Blind (Etta James Cover)

"Soulful singer-songwriter hailing from Nottingham, UK Liam Bailey recently joined SoulCulture TV in the cosy privacy of London's Hawley Arms pub in Camden Town for a brief acoustic session. Check out his performance of an emotive cover version of Etta James‘ classic, 'I’d Rather Go Blind'" - SoulCulture

I love acoustic performances & I love good covers so I just had to share this one. Mr. Bailey's voice is so damn soulful on this one, hope you liked it!

#Shoutout to Soulculture TV

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

iMusic... Black Einstein - What Ever Happened To Mr. Tom? (EP)

Here is the brand new 7-track EP from UK-based Musician/Producer Colin Emmanuel aka Black Einstein titled 'What Ever Happened To Mr. Tom?' which is inspired in it's entirety by the works of David Bowie. The EP features some really dope collaborations with Maseo Plug 3 (De La Soul), Mystro, Baby Sol & Xavier Barnett who are all part of the 'Black Einstein' collective... Check it out below!

You can go ahead and get your hands on this EP via the link below on a 'name your price' basis and I would implore you to support the music if you like it by offering some form of payment (it might even be in kind by sharing the EP with your friends)


iMusic... Stalley - Hercules

Just bumped into this over at Hypetrak, it's the official first single from Mid-West Hip-Hop artist Stalley off of his forthcoming LP 'Lincoln Way Nights'. The track is titled 'Hercules', check it out below...


iMusic... Nas - Foul Breeze

Off of Carmelo Anthony's new compilation mixtape, 'Become Legendary' to celebrate the launch of his new Jordan M7 sneakers, Nas liberates the untagged version of a track you may have heard back in 2008 on a Tapemasters INC mixtape. What can I say? Any Nas record is welcome news and I'm feeling this one...

I bet you thought for a second, Nas was going over Busta Rhymes' 'New York Shit'  right? Same sample is what it is!


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

iCover... Freedom Or Death - If I Ruled The World (Nas Cover)

You will know Freedom or Death from the feature We Plug GOOD Music did on them a few months ago but if you don't, Freedom or Death are a Canadian based Electronic/Folk duo that make incredible music that you can check out HERE. Well Fernandez just shot over this amazing and very different cover or rather re-interpretation of Nas's 'If I Ruled The World'. I need you to check this out!


iNaija... Tillaman - No More

This unfinished version of Tillaman's new single 'No More' was dropped into my inbox a few days ago. Still unmastered and as the email goes, the final version will have a couple features on it... I guess that sorta explains the gap in the middle of the song where a verse should be right? If you're a Tillaman fan then you will not be mad at this one. He pretty much lays into the Nigerian Music Industry and some of their practices on this one, a practice I find very interesting myself but alas check it out...

The mixtape 'The Truth DIY' will be released on the 1st of December and if enough Tillman fans share this post then I'll be sure to share the mixtape with you when it's released, demand and supply and all that!


iMusic... R.Kelly - Taxi Cab

R.Kelly's forthcoming album Love Letter is OUT on the 14th of December

Very Ray Charles-esque cover

Monday, 22 November 2010

iVideo... Avant - Kiss Goodbye

Brand new visuals for Avant's new single 'Kiss Goodbye' off of the forthcoming album 'The Letter' which is scheduled for release on the 7th of December.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

iLive... Bez - More You (At The Life House)

I just stumbled upon this amazing footage captured by Jeremy Weate, of Nigerian Alternative Soul Singer Bez performing the acoustic version of 'More You' at a book party held at The Life House in Lagos last month.

You'll wanna check out Jeremy's blog 'Naija Blog' for some exciting Nigerian content ranging from The Arts to Entertainment to Politics and a lot more. I rate his blog highly...

You can also hear some more Bez on the We Plug GOOD Music compilation mixtape, 'A Prelude to the Future'


Friday, 19 November 2010

iSampler... Deborah Bond - Madam Palindrome (Album Sampler)

Here's a little sweet 6 minute taster/sampler of what to expect from Progressive Soul/R&B/Alternative singer, Deborah Bond's sophomore album 'Madam Palindrome' and these snippets from Deborah and her band/production team Third Logic are sounding extra gorgeous, I cannot wait to get my hands on the album! Ms. Bond says that there is a single coming very soon so until then, enjoy this...

The album will be with us sometime in February/March 2011 and as soon as we get any more music from Ms. Bond and Third Logic, you know we'll be sharing it right here! However in the meantime if that sampler isn't quite enough for you then you can check out her debut album 'DayAfter'...


iMusic... Jay-Z + Sade - This Life Forever (Urban Noize Remix)

YES I know, Sade turned down working with Jay-Z but that hasn't stopped the good folks at Urban Noize from coming up with this amazing remix record mashing up some sweet Sade Adu vocals with a rare Jay-Z track titled 'This Life Forever'! Check it out right below and get your download on as per usual!


iRemix... Example - Won't Go Quietly (Jukeboxx Remix)

"Jukebox (Paul Asante), is a 25 year old up and coming Producer/Artist (rapper) from North London, Tottenham. Been involved with music since an early age and, getting into music production and rapping since a teenager, Jukebox has been sharping his skill to now, feel fully confident in his abilities and readied to release material to the masses. The North London native blends hip hop style sample chopping with, instrumental style production to bring you a sound which, takes influences from different genres and gives you a sound which is sonically unique." - Bio

Download: Example - Won't Go Quietly (Jukeboxx Remix)

I wasn't a big fan of the original but this remix gives it a much needed different & rather toned down feel (for me anyway), lemme know what you think.

Keep Tabs on Jukebox: Twitter // Myspace // Soundcloud


Thursday, 18 November 2010

iVideo... Venice - City of Light

Just caught this video over at Ollie Russian's blog and I liked it so much that I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you like it! Unfortunately I've got no further information on them but according to Mr. Russian, this London-based band are about to blow so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

iMusic... Erin Christine - Naked

We absolutely love Erin Christine over here. Ever since we heard her on 'Say', we've been huge fans. Check out her latest single 'Naked', produced by Erin Christine herself (as you do) alongside Omen. It's a definite good look. Lemme know if you're feeling this one yeah...


iMusic... Oh Stereo - Waiting For The Sun

"Oh Stereo is Scott Marquart and Mason Hickman (hailing from Indianapolis and Salt Lake City, respectively), two kids who met their first day of college when they were thrown in a dorm room together and told to get along.  Fortunately, they did, and soon they were making music together, each playing guitar.  Before long though their neighbors got fed up with all of the noise and Scott and Mason retreated to their computers and started making music on headphones.  What followed was a drastic change in style for both, and out of this exciting new territory came the beginnings of Oh Stereo." - Oh Stereo
Here's the official first single from this emerging indie-pop (synth-pop) duo from Nashville TN, Oh Stereo called 'Waiting For The Sun' which is off of their self-titled debut album (Oh Stereo) which is scheduled to be released for free on December 2nd via their bandcamp. Just about to peruse the full album but I like this first single & I thought I'd share it with you so definitely check it out... Hope you like it!

Do they remind you of Owl City a little bit (in some parts?) or is it just me? Either way I reckon this first single is really well done, I really like it. After a couple listens, I guarantee you'll be hooked, even if it's by the catchy hook alone or the synth-layered musical backdrop, something definitely grabs and holds your attention. Like I said, I hope you like it (too)

Download: Oh Stereo - Waiting For The Sun (or via bandcamp)

Remember to download their debut album on December 2nd!


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

iVideo... Tinchy Stryder + Bridget Kelly - Take The World

Here's the visuals for the official next single off of Tinchy's third album (Third Strike) featuring the very amazing Bridget Kelly!

Roc Nation taking over everything right now!


iVideo... Kasha - The Realism (Can I Rock)

Emerging UK Hip-Hop artist Kasha liberates the visuals for his latest single 'The Realism' which is out now. If you want an exclusive free download of the song, just go on their youtube page and leave a comment on the video (good or bad) and they'll hook you up.

Kasha's latest mixtape 'Retro Luv' is out and about so if you digging what you hear, check it out here


iVideo... R.Kelly + ONE8 - Hands Across The World

We posted up this song a few days ago and now the video has been liberated. Hope you like...

#PS I should really stop saying 'R.Kelly & ONE8' right? He is now an official member of the super group after all. Permit me to propose a new name? How's about ONE9? Just a thought!


Monday, 15 November 2010

iVideo... Chromeo - Hot Mess

This Chromeo song is just the tune right now! So much Funk & Soul in those vocals from Dave 1! I absolutely Love It! Makes me feel like it's the weekend already... 'Hot Mess' is off of this Canadian Electrofunk's third studio album titled 'Business Casual' which is out now! I heard through the grapevine that La Roux is on another version of this song (hope she doesn't ruin it!)


iVideo... Mr. Probz - Drivin'

Drivin' is the fourth single from Holland native MC/Singer/Songwriter Mr. Probz off of his forthcoming album 'The Treatment'. Check it out below...


iMusic... R.Kelly + ONE8 - Hands Across The World

Here is the official first single from Africa's first SUPER Group ONE8 titled 'Hands Across The World' written and produced by R&B Legend R.Kelly. The group ONE8 which started off as a gathering of eight of the biggest pop stars from Africa, including Tuface (Nigeria), 4x4 (Ghana) and Amani (Kenya) amongst others has NOW added the legendary R.Kelly to it's already exciting line-up. Keep your eyes peeled for more from ONE8...

The rest of the ONE8 line-up consists of Alikiba (Tanzania), Fally Ipupa (DRC), JK (Zambia), Movaizhaleine (Gabon), Navio (Uganda)


iMusic... Jay Electronica + Jay-Z + The Dream + Charlotte Gainsbourg - Shiny Suit Theory

The much anticipated and talked about Jay Electronica & Jay-Z collaboration is here now, listen below! Jay Elec's new album is expected in 2011!

Shouts to YHTN

iMixtape... Shortman Score + Frank Ramz - No Fly Zone

#NoFlyZone is finally here! The 12-track project from emerging Hip-Hop artists and Bronx natives, Shortman Score & Frank Ramz is ready for your listening pleasure... Check it out now & get your free download on right after that!

#Spotted at P&P

iMusic... Jay Electronica - The Announcement

In case you've been living under a rock all weekend! Chelsea FC got beat silly by Sunderland! Sebastian Vettel was crowned Formula 1 champion for 2010 and more importantly, Jay Electronica signed to Roc Nation... & then this was liberated!

Roc Nation is ABOUT to shut this down! Jay-Z + J.Cole + Jay Electronica for the WIN! That is ALL!



OK I'm gonna have to use my late pass for this one BUT I had to share this. Quadron's debut album has to be one of my favorite albums of 2010. Shouts to Dojo for putting us on to the amazing album. Here's the video for one of the album's hidden gems 'Simili Life'. Hope you like it!

Purchase: Quadron - Simili Life


iMusic... Michael Jackson + Akon - Hold My Hand

I swear I'm hearing far more of Akon than MJ on this track BUT I guess that couldn't be helped. At least we are definitely hearing some proper Michael Jackson vocals on this one... Unlike 'Breaking News' which is still quite debatable! I like this one, certainly not vintage MJ but definitely hit pop record and much better than its demo that was floating around a couple years ago! Anyway get some new MJ in your life by getting your download on below!


iMusic... Loick Essien + N-Dubz - Stuttering (Mario Cover)

I dunno why Dappy (N-Dubz) is on this track because it was doing just fine without him. I Like Loick Essien and I reckon you will too. Check this one out and get your download on right below! Official release date as I've been told is January 30th, 2011...


iMusic... The Lunch Break - Jeremy Piven

"The Lunch Break is not the typical group with cookie cutter formulas. On the contrary, The Lunch Break is just as its name conveys: A break from the norm. This independent band is the distinctive mixture of Michael “Mike Cease” Canzius, Corderius “Jayell” Climpson and Jarrett “JDG” Grimes. Each of these young men possesses a distinct and natural musical ability and when they blend their individual styles, the result is a sound not like any other heard in recent years." - The Lunch Break

New emerging music outta ATL by the way of 'The Lunch Break' for you to check out, if you like what you hear then you can get some more of their music from HERE & if you wanna learn more about this ATL Alternative Hip-Hop band, you can check out their EPK as well.


Saturday, 13 November 2010

iPROMO... Asavior x Play To Win Vol. 3

"Savvy aka Asavior steps back out of the shadows, and gets back into gear as he starts preparing to release the FREE and final instalment of his Play to Win series. Play to win volume 3 coming soon! Shot/edited by James Alexander Adair." - Savvy
The big homie Savvy is getting ready to drop his new mixtape, 'Play to Win Vol. 3' and on this here photoshoot, he let's us in on what to expect from the third instalment of his 'Play to Win' series. Keep your eyes peeled for it...


iFormulaOne... Mark Webber Gifts 2010 Racing Title to Fernando Alonso at Abu Dhabi (Qualifying)

On the day he needed to drive his best qualifying lap, Mark Webber totally imploded on the tracks at Abu Dhabi and quite literally and in amazing fashion gifted the 2010 Formula 1 racing title to Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who by all accounts dragged his Ferrari to a podium start of third place behind Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel & who back in July if we remember was totally out of the running for this year's racing title as he found himself 47 points off the lead BUT this is NOT about who took or who stole, it is about who gave, who dashed, who gifted... Mark Webber!

On the biggest qualifying of the 2010 Formula One season and what was (or should have been) the biggest qualifying lap of Mark Webber's Formula 1 career, the Aussie just failed to show up at all! Qualifying in fifth position in the SAME CAR that his team-mate Sebastian Vettel drove in to capture POLE position at the Abu Dhabi grand prix, it might be safe to say that it is all BUT over for Mr. Webber, however fans of the sport will be quick to point out that this is the Formula 1 and anything can happen. Well as a huge fan of Mark for all of the 2010 season, I for one will not be holding my breathe... An absolute shambles!

Sebastian Vettel
"I could not get the pace..." - Mark Webber on Abu Dhabi qualifying lap

For those of us with God in our lives, get in contact now...


iARTWORK... A Prelude to the Future x We Plug GOOD Music x Think Create Destroy

A few weeks ago, I let it slip on twitter that the good folks at Think Create Destroy made us an alternative artwork for our recently released compilation mixtape, 'A Prelude to the Future' which you can still download HERE if you haven't already. Well Here it is! What do we think? Check out the back cover as well...

Sharing is Caring so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you pass this around for us! If you've got a blog, go ahead and blog this... Facebook? Twitter? Myspace? Bebo? Do show some 'share' love. Please get involved somehow, Thank YOU! Of course, if you (like myself) still quite fancy the original mixtape artwork in all of it's minimalist glory, then let's remind ourselves of it...

You can also check out the 'artist introduction' video Zayna Daze Films put together for this project right HERE!


iMixtape... J. Cole - Friday Night Lights

While I was out and about last night (mainly at the Cordless Show Hip-Hop Sessions where AKS absolutely smashed it), the mighty J. Cole released his brand new mixtape 'Friday Night Lights' and reports have it that it shut down the internet (remember Wale's mixtape doing the same thing a few months ago?).

No need for much talk init? Download link right below, use it!

iVideo... Ginuwine - What Could Have Been

Well first and foremost I didn't know Ginuwine was out and about with a new single? Erm it's called 'What Could Have Been' and here is the video for it! #ps Why the hot pic up top? Malinda Williams in case you didn't know and she stars in the video you're about to watch so why not right?

I always tend to like R&B videos from 90's veterans anyway except they do something really stupid to mess it up so I like this one too, what about you? The new album is called 'Elgin' and it should be upon us next year February just in time for Valentines' Day!


Thursday, 11 November 2010

iDownload... Maverick Sabre - Travelling Man (Mixtape)

I am literally pressing pause on listening (for like the 20th time) to Kanye's new album to check this out. I suggest you check it out too. Mr. Sabre has steadily been building a buzz on the UK scene and is certainly about to blow so this is definitely worth a listen!

iVote... MTV Africa Music Awards x Banky W x Lagos Party

One of Nigeria's finest mainstream artists, Banky W has been nominated for the much coveted Song of the Year award at this year's MTV Africa Music Awards and he needs your help and votes to bring this one home... If you need reminding about 'Lagos Party', although I doubt that you will, check it out below!

“I'm deeply humbled, and really appreciative of every nomination we've gotten. I definitely wasn't expecting so many; and whether I win any or not, I'm honored to be nominated alongside incredible Africans that I look up to and admire" Mr Capable says. "I'm also grateful for the support of my fans in Nigeria, Africa and around the world. I'm so blessed to have them. Thank God for everything.” - Banky W
... SO to support 'Lagos Party', one of the stand-out and biggest mainstream records to come outta Nigeria this year, I need you to go HERE and cast your votes! Users of the mobile phone service, Zain can vote directly for 'Lagos Party' to win the 'Song of the Year' award on their mobile phones OR via SMS by texting SY to short code 6262 followed by Lagos Party.

The MTV Africa Music Awards are to be held on the 11th of December in Lagos (so you could say it'd be only fitting right? Make sure you vote!)


iMusic... Tinchy Stryder + Bridget Kelly - Take The World

New music from UK-based Tinchy Stryder featuring the very beautiful Bridget Kelly (Roc Nation) to follow up from the grime banger 'Game Over' off of his forthcoming third studio album titled 'Third Strike' which is out later this month. I dunno how I feel about this one yet so I'll just let you check it out. I will say this though, the 'Third Strike' album cover is quite crap and also this, Tinchy's Roc Nation affiliation seems to be paying off with Ms. Kelly, Melanie Fiona and Alexis Jordan all appearing on his forthcoming album.

Props to Y2K Daily for the heads up!

iDownload... J. Cole + Wale - You Got It

New music off of J. Cole's forthcoming mixtape 'Friday Night Lights' titled 'You Got It'. This one features the one they call Mr. Folarin. 'Friday Night Lights' will be liberated tomorrow (November 12th) so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Spotted at Y2K Daily!!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

iCover... Raheem Devaughn - All I Want is You (Miguel Cover)

Mr. Devaughn gives his interpretation of the hit single from emerging R&B singer Miguel and I think he nails it!

Raheem Devaughn's forthcoming mixtape, 'Jackin 4 Beats Vol. 1' drops on November 22nd

Spotted at This is Real Music

iDownload... Wiz Khalifa + Curren$y - Huey Newton

You should download this one just off of the sample alone! Not telling you, you should find out yourselves, just press play! Free download via the link below...

Shouts to Khalifa's twitter

iSingle... BEZ - SUPER SUN

"Bez is currently working with one of Nigeria’s most gifted producers, Cobhams Asuquo. Together, they are crafting a sound that is truly a breath of fresh air. A sound that is distinctly African, Sophisticated and Urban. Bez... debut his latest single titled 'Super Sun', which is the title track of the album. Unlike his previously released gems, the single 'Super Sun' rides on a classic hip-hop beat, with a touch of whimsy, but still very rooted in his signature alternative soul sound." - Press Release

Uber-talented Nigerian alternative soul singer drops off his brand new lead single off of his forthcoming début album, both titled 'Super Sun'. This one is very different from what you've heard from Bez previously, especially musically BUT it works. Give it a few listens and you'll be sure to be sold! The 'Super Sun' album soon come...

Download: Bez - Super Sun (right click and save as)


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

iFilm... Show Dem Camp x Road to Felabration 2010 (Documentary)

"Follow Nigerias SDC and Ghana's Efya as they prepared to perform at the Felabration Music Festival 2010. Felabration, a week long music festival, is held annually at the Afrika Shrine, Lagos in honour of Fela Kuti: a true African Icon. Artists round the world came down to pay their respects to Fela and over the 7days the lineup included musical icons like Tony Allen and Femi Kuti performing alongside the new generation of African music with artists like 2face Idibia, Nneka, Seun Kuti, Dbanj and Keziah Jones" - Show Dem Camp
That Efya lady from Ghana has got a certain something about her that I immediately love and iLove that they're playing their set with a live band as it should be done... Check out the second and final part of the documentary HERE


Monday, 8 November 2010

IFilm... We Plug GOOD Music - The Future is NOW (UK Artists Introduction)

We Plug GOOD Music joins forces with Zayna Daze Films to create this short video to introduce you to some of the featured UK artists on the recently released 'A Prelude to the Future' mixtape. You've heard and fallen in love with their records, now we get to learn a bit more about the artists behind these songs + how these songs actually came about + some exclusive information on the forthcoming 2011 'We Plug GOOD Music presents The Future is Now' album, straight from the artists mouth. Enjoy!

SHARING is CARING SO Please do share!


iMixtape... J The Exodus - 360 Full Circle

One third of UK-based Hip-Hop trio Midas Touch, J The Exodus also known as Jason Hayles goes the 'solo' route with the release of his début mixtape titled '360 Full Circle'. This mixtape is 16 tracks of pure Hip-Hop laced with some powerful wordplay and compelling lyrics from J The Ex as he rides out over some of your favourite Hip-Hop beats from The Game's 'Runnin' to Nas's 'You're The Man' to Nas & Tupac's 'Thug Mansion', you should definitely check this out! FREE Download link right below...


Friday, 5 November 2010

iVideo... Diddy + Dirty Money + Skepta - Hello Good Morning (Grime Remix)

MAD Ratings for this! & those Dirty Money girls, Dawn and the other one, absolutely KILLED this track! Sorry Skepta but they absolutely did! Hopefully this gets on 'The Last Train to Paris' somehow, maybe as a bonus track or something! Sean make it happen!


iVideo... Genesis Elijah + Krate Krusaders - Doin My Damn Thing

Official video for UK-based Hip-Hop artists, Genesis Elijah & Krate Krusaders' new single 'Doin My Damn Thing' that will be released on the 15th of November via Outta Town Sounds. The album 'Before I was Famous' has been set for release on the 6th of December via the same label.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

iNaija... The Shondrella Adventures (TV Show Pilot)

"An African-American woman living in Los Angeles (L.A) has a dream in which she finds herself in a desert, sitting astride a camel. When she awakes, she is no longer the person she was when we went to sleep. She is instead consumed by a desire to embark on a voyage of discovery into her past (Africa). In what could forgivably have been mistaken as the fictional plot of a movie, The Shondrella Adventures is the very real tale of a dream that inspired African-American actress Shondrella Avery-Kester (‘Girls Behaving Badly’ (2002 – 2005), Napoleon Dynamite’ (2004),  ‘Déjà Vu' (2006), ‘The Secret Life of Bees' (2008), ‘Our Family Wedding' (2009), ‘Gillian in Georgia’ (2010)) to embark on a journey of discovery. The Shondrella Adventures is a mockumentary series set in Nigeria, chronicling Shondrella’s real life experiences. The series is scheduled for a 2011 shoot." - Tolu Ogunlesi
This one kinda reminds me of Ricky Gervais' Sky 1 TV show, 'An Idiot Abroad'. Well actually not kinda, more like alot! The key word to note here is this is a mockumentary so don't take it  too literally please! The scene at the fabric shop was priceless to say the very least! When the shop assistant said, "O de nice o! O Nice! Ori e o kan pe ni (she's nice but she's NOT right in the head), I almost died laughing!


iMusic... Impossible Nothing - Bananas

"A 100.00 BPM Symphony in Two Parts" - Darwin Frost
I couldn't think of any other way to describe this beat tape apart from the above description that the music maker used on the bandcamp page. I still don't know quite what to make of this project but all I know is that I like it and I really enjoyed it and that you should please check it out!

Download: Impossible Nothing - Bananas

Until the Next Time...


"The Ultimate Seminar is the destination for those looking to get a “real taste” of the Music Business. Being held on Sunday, November 14 at The British Music Experience @ O2 in Greenwich, we are offering free tickets to attend to those individuals and groups who are interested in entering the music business or who need to sharpen their knowledge or/and skills. The Ultimate Seminar aims to inspire those on their journey in music with a close look into the methods behind some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the British music business. The panel is made up of a who’s who of the UK’s leading Producers, Managers, Artists, A&R Reps, VideoDirectors, our Managers, Music Legal Eagles, Promoters, Managers, Session Musicians, and Stage and Lighting Experts. Special guests include Devlin, Kano, Labrinth, Lemar, Jamal (SBTV) and many more." - One Hundred Global
It's always worth gaining knowledge from the people that have gone before you and cracked the safe so I think this should be a good opportunity so do reach! I have been informed that there are a limited number of tickets and spaces available for this event, so secure your places fast by sending an e-mail with your name and contact phone/e-mail to Yaw at mro@onehundredglobal.com!


iRate... G.R.E.E.D.s - What It Means (Video)

Very intense piece from UK-Based Spoken Word artist, GREEDS urging you to realise or at least investigate what it actually means to be Black.

'Fix UP! You'll Have To Work Harder Than They Do'


iMusic... Gladys Knight - Settle

The Legendary Gladys Knight blesses us with some newness by way of 'Settle', one of the stand out tracks from the 'For Colored Girls' original motion picture soundtrack album which features an array of amazing female singers from Nina Simone to Laura Izibor to Janelle Monae and is available right HERE, right NOW. The Tyler Perry film, 'For Colored Girls' will be released on the 5th of November.

This is just the uplifting that I need right now! Hope you enjoyed that + if you did then you should get your hands on this opus right below... But only as part of the album!