Friday, 15 July 2011

iMusic... Columbia Nights - Stormy Weather (Little Dragon Cover)

"Drawing from soul, hip-hop, R&B, electronica, and jazz, Columbia Nights hopes to add to the conversation by offering a fresh take on a timeless tradition. Co-producers and former bandmates John E Daise and Hayling Price made their rounds in Philadelphia playing the city's trademark blend of neo-soul, and vocalist Sarai Abdul-Malik met the pair midway through her studies at Howard University's jazz department. Joined by a love of vinyl, laughter and Thai iced tea, the Washington D.C. based trio creates a unique sound rooted in balance; their sounds represent a synthesis of the analog and the digital, the bright and the dark, the warm and the wintry." - Columbia Nights
 John E. Daise, Hayling Price and Sarai Abdul-Malik are Columbia Nights - an Electro-Soul duo looking to "change the conversation". Listen below to their first attempt at this, a really beautiful cover of Little Dragon's "Stormy Weather" off of Little Dragon's debut album...

Download: Columbia Nights - Stormy Weather

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