Wednesday, 27 July 2011

iMusic... Discopolis - Lofty Ambitions + Bears Kill Kids

Emerging Scottish 3-piece alternative band Discopolis are to release their debut single "Lofty Ambitions" on August 15 via Eli and Oz Records and as you will hear in a bit, this record is all kinds of glorious - lush syths, dreamy pop vocals, amazing guitar licks and thumping drum kicks. This is what it's all about - QUALITY EMERGING MUSIC - and as for the ethereal B-side "Bears Kill Kids", well I'll just let you enjoy it underneath!

Discopolis - Lofty Ambitions

Discopolis - Bears Kill Kids

While you're here, you can download the superb remix of "Lofty Ambitions" by One Dollar Dave & Megadamandaman right NOW, just click HERE!

Remember "Lofty Ambitions" is out on August 15!


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