Sunday, 17 July 2011

iTelevision... Sounds of Afrobeats x HiTV (Sky Channel 204) x 9PM, Tonight (July 17)

"Sounds of Afrobeats is an entertainment show that chronicles the journey of Afrobeats genre and African Pop Culture with interviews, exclusive access and behind the scenes footage of some of Africa’s biggest and emerging acts. The eight part series showcases the best of African Entertainment with music, comedy, interviews and exclusive footage from around the world." - Phoenix Media
This is pretty interesting, I've gotta say. As a prelude to the Afrobeat Festival taking place next month (August 28), event organizers - Cokobar have put together this eight-part TV series titled Sounds of Afrobeats with the first episode airing tonight at 9pm on HiTV (Sky Channel 204). It should be an interesting watch so definitely lock in for it...

Right now, you can catch a 30-minute BONUS episode - hosted by Nigerian comedian Basketmouth and shot during Afrobeat sensation Wizkid's recent album launch party in Lagos, Nigeria - HERE


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