Saturday, 2 July 2011

iRanking... Wikio's Top UK Music Blogs x July 2011

The good people at Wikio got in touch with us to share a early preview of their Top UK Music Blogs ranking for the month of July which goes live on July 5. Music Rooms and Soul Culture continue to dominate the rankings for the top UK Music blogs holding down the number ONE and TWO spots respectively (same as last month). Alter The Press, Lil Wayne HQ and St. Peter's View make up the rest of the top five with yours truly (We Plug Good Music) coming up at number 13 (two down from last month). Hit the JUMP for the full TOP 20 List...
3Alter The Press!
4Lil Wayne HQ
5St. Peter's View
6Dance Without Sleeping
7Live4ever - The Brit Rock Daily
10Sweeping The Nation
11Word Magazine blogs
12Slipped disc
13We Plug G.O.O.D Music
14Song, by Toad
15No Rock And Roll Fun
16Tom Service on classical music
17We Are Pop Slags
19We Plug G.O.O.D Music
20Entartete Musik


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