Tuesday, 26 July 2011

iMusic... Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis

We love Alex Winston. If you didn't already realize this, click HERE! "Velvet Elvis" is her forthcoming second single which is scheduled for release on September 5 alongside another the B-side "Fire Ant". We'll let Ms. Winston tell you about this record and you can have a listen underneath...
"'Velvet Elvis’ examines the notion of objectum sexuality: where people have fallen in love with objects(!), often humanizing them – here’s a snippet of the lyrics – “Ma said I ain’t right / Clutching on you all night / But you’re my, you’re my guy / Elvis”…”.When I feel your velvet / I can’t help it / You don’t breathe / So you can’t leave me”."

Very different subject matter for a song but trust Alex Winston to think, write and create outside the box. She did give us '"Sister Wife" after all. I like this one too!

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