Wednesday, 31 March 2010

iVideo... Janelle Monae + Big Boi - Tight Rope

Just peeped this over at On Smash so I thought I'd share it with you guys! For all those who DO Not know, Janelle Monae's new album 'Arch Android' is out on the 18th of May 2010! Look out for it!!!

#shouts to OS!!!

Until the Next Time...

iSHOWCASE... 8th April 2010 = The Spotlight Sessions

Next Thursday, 8TH APRIL 2010, London City, Vibe Live... The Spotlight Sessions are BACK holding a night to raise awareness and funds for The WAYout Project... You should definitely come out for this one! Performing on the night will be the AMAZINGNESS that are... Shean Williams, Benin City, Kellie Leigh, Belle (Remember her from our WePlugGOODMusic feature? You can see her live!) & Shuanise... Take a look after the Jump for more details + some footage of these amazing performers in action + information on The WAYout Project & How you can get involved!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


This record dropped as an exclusive on Soul Culture last week and NOW just in, the good people over at Soul Culture shot over the video for Blak Twang's new single 'Before & After'... I shouldn't have to educate you on this U.K Hip-Hop Legend (the first time I ever heard Estelle was on this man's record! Who remembers that?) SO I wont... Just check out the video after the Jump, I'm especially feeling the Bruce Lee Sampling... Very reminiscent of classic Hip-Hop cuts before it!

Just IN... BIAS Ft. GLENN - STENCIL (Produced by Kris Breeze)

The homie Kris Breeze just shut this brand new record over from Atlanta-based Emcees Bias and Glenn titled 'Stencil', the 2nd single off of Bias's soon to be released album 'Sent by Messenger' which is due out in April... Check it out, lemme know what you think? Production on this is courtesy Kris Breeze by the way so definitely check him out too!!!

<a href="">Stencil by Bias</a>

#shouts to Kris Breeze for the heads up.

Until the Next Time...

Monday, 29 March 2010

iFashion... Introducing The Definitive Collection by Yetty D

OK so I'm NOT a fashion blogger so I won't go on & on about trimmings, texture, patterns, appliqu, hemmings, the perfect cut or ANY of that BUT what I do know & as with Music is there's either Good Fashion or there's Bad Fashion, it should always be that simple... Well 'The Definitive Collection' by Yetty D is quite simply GOOD Fashion... 

iPresent to you 'The Definitive Collection' by Yetty D!

Take a look at their Spring/Summer 2010 goodness + Read Excerpts from Yetty D Ogunnubi, the creator... after the jump!

Saturday, 27 March 2010


iCANNOT Shout iBeg!!! Erykah Badu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> & that is ALL!

Oh One More Thing... New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh is out on Tuesday (March 30th)! SNM!

#shouts to OS!!!

Until the Next Time...

“They play it safe…Are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow. They are US! This is what we have become, afraid to respect the individual. A single person within a circumstance can move one to change, to love our self, to EVOLVE.” - Erykah Badu

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

iMusic... Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away (Get Munny)

By all indications, this album is going to be nothing short of an incredible work of art... I cannot wait for March 30th! Definitely Go OUT/Stay IN & purchase 'New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)'... In the meantime, enjoy this one off of the album, as seen at Xclusive Zone

Like I said... Incredible!!!

Download: Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away (Get Munny)

Shouts to Mr. X!


iVideo... Wolf Gang - Back to Back

I like this song ALOT! Granted the video for it is a little All Over the Place but it doesn't take away from what an amazing song this is... Far better than his last Autumn's 'The King and All His Men', so much better IMO! Check out the 'Back to Back' demo after the jump via Atlantic Records UK

& to your original question, who is Wolf Gang? Well London-based 23-Year Old Max McElligot + the occasional 3-piece Band... Think David Bowie (+ Byrne) + Think Talking Heads + Think Brian Eno + Think Grizzly Bear (not for the animal reference, I meant the BAND lol!)

Until the Next Time...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I've been resisting the temptation of posting anything related to this collaboration album, The 'Wu-Massacre' by Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Raekwon since I begun this blog... The Album is due out on March 30th & I will definitely by BUYING it, so should you... THIS IS EPIC STUFF

Catch the video for the single 'Our Dreams' after the JUMP + The limited Wu-Massacre Collector's Edition Covers that you will be trying to get your hands on come March 30th... ENJOY

Monday, 22 March 2010


So this is me on my Twitter... AS you usually are obviously & Shadez the Misfit is talking bout "I'm feeling Drake's début Single, Shut it Down" & I swear I thought 'Over' was the début single off of his debut album, 'Thank Me Later'??? Well I was WRONG! Actually QUITE SLOW & QUITE WRONG cos apparently this has been out & about for time now but yeah anyway, this is the TAGLESS debut single off of the hugely anticipated album... Check it OUT is all I am saying... Trademark Drizzy all over this one... Reminds me a bit of Brand NeW | HoustAtlantaVegas i.e that GOOD s**t!!!
"Most of y’all probably heard this record the other day when it leaked with the Sample Clearance Only tags allll over it. We withheld posting as it’s impossible to even listen to. That is until the homie Travie got a hold of it and did a helluva job on eliminating all the tags (pretty crazy shit imo). Still not the official CDQ from what I’m being told (although it sure does sound that way) but this will definitely do for now. First single off Thank Me Later incase you didn’t know. Enjoy!" - Shake (2 Dope Boyz)

Download: Drake Ft. The Dream - Shut It Down

#BigShouts to 2 Dope Boyz for the drop

Sunday, 21 March 2010


This is what you get when two R&B Legends get together just to show these new cats whose HOUSE it really is... I'm not quite sure about the subject matter though! Do we really wanna hear two grown-ass men talking bout Test-Driving in reference to Sex? I must be wrong! Maybe we do BUT on that singing tip, note for note, both these Maestros still run circles around 90% of that Mainstream Male R&B Bracket and thats NO Lie!!! #Shouts 2 Raheem DeVaughn, Trey Songz, Anthony Hamilton & a few others out there holding it down though!

This is reminiscent of that classic 90's R&B Sound that iLove so MUCH!!! Cannot wait for that new Keith Sweat album!

Download: Keith Sweat + Joe - Test Drive

Spotted over at Xclusive Zone. Shouts to Mr. X!!!

In a Bit Still...

iNaija... K'Naan + Banky W + M.I - Waving Flag (Official Naija Remix)

So Coca-Cola commissioned two of the biggest urban artists emerging outta Nigeria at the moment, R&B Sensation Banky W & Hip-Hop Top-Gun M.I to create an Official Nigerian Remix of K'Naan's 'Waving Flag' (which is the 2010 World Cup Theme Song) to support the Super Eagles of Nigeria (The Nigerian Football Team) at this Summer's World Cup in South Africa... Check it after the jump...

Friday, 19 March 2010

iSTAN... Tinie Tempah + Chiddy Bang - PASS OUT REMIX

Like we can ever ever get ENOUGH of Tinie Tempah's Pass Out... Well this is yet another version + you know how we're HUGE stans fans of Chiddy Bang, we just had to post this UP!!!

And it looks like its all happening at SXSW this week, maybe we'll be there next year BUT we bumped into the aforementioned remix on DJ Benji's latest mixtape in collaboration with Elitaste + NUE Agency, made especially for SXSW's 'Best of All Worlds' showcase that was held on Wednesday... It's laced with exclusive records + new & unreleased material from Mike Posner, Wale, Chiddy Bang, J.Cole, Outasight, Asher Roth, Curren$y and a bag load of dope artists... Album Artwork + Track Listing + Exclusive Remix + Download Link after the leap...


I just peeped this goodness over at ONSMASH, so I thought I'd share it with you guys! Robin Thicke & Estelle are two of my favorite mainstream artists + the video looks all kindsa good & certain parts of this song remind me of Fun Loving Criminals... It's all around an epic win!

Until the Next Time...

#bigshouts 2 OS

iHeart... Zayna Daze - MidNight Lover (Filmed By Karim Boubker)

OK so I have to say that when I say this a couple weeks ago, I was absolutely BLOWN away! If it isn't already public knowledge that I absolutely think the world of Zayna Daze then YES I think she is Amazing!!! To Abso-f**king-lutely DIE for is what I will say about her... BUT not only was I even more mesmerized by Ms. Daze after watching this, I am NOW a VERY BIG fan of the maker of this video, Karim Boubker (with help from Aida Azlin)... Just check it OUT yeah!

"A short video performance of 'Midnight Lover' by upcoming artist Zayna Daze at Style and Substance. Shot on a Canon 7D with 50mm 1.4 lens, and a Zoom h4n handy recorder for capturing audio. Filmed and edited by Karim Boubker and Aida Azlin" - Karim Boubker
I thought the little intro was actually quite a nice touch so I dunno what Karim's film-maker buddies were on about BUT what do I know heh? & yeah it was filmed at the February edition of Sistova's Style & Substance Monthly Live Performance Showcase

#PS Check out some more Zayna Daze goodness after the Jump please...


Sony is going right for Nintendo with this ONE... You gotta love the competition, don't ya? Out just in time for the Holidays 2010 so definitely look out for this one 2 be on many Christmas lists!!! Check out the cool trailer for the Playstation Move + some more info after the jump...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

LATE PASS... Introducing Chew Lips!!!

SO this right here is one of the many few reasons I created this new blog... It's to showcase some of the really amazing music that I may NOT necessarily be able to feature on the We Plug GOOD Music website for a variety of reasons... BUT Alas I digress... I just wanted to share with you an emerging Electro-Dance band hailing from South London by the name of CHEW LIPS that I came across Last Summer... & Apparently they will be playing this weekend at SXSW in Austin, Texas for the Official Strangers in Stereo Launch Party along with our favorite duo at the minute, Chiddy Bang... PRETTY MUCH AMAZING heh?

I Hope you like them cos I think they are the BIZ-I-NESS!!!

Check OUT Some More of their other Records + A couple Download Links after the JUMP (Only if you're so inclined ofcourse!)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


OK So Since Drizzy Drake released his first Single off of 'Thank Me Later' two weeks ago, we've heard numerous emcees go in over the Boi-1Da produced record... We even featured one remix on here a few days ago from UK Emcee, Awate BUT We're NOW Privileged & Super Excited to share with you something really DOPE from Portland Producer Dekk... Remember Luck-One & Dekk - Beautiful Music? One of the BEST Hip-Hop EPs from Last Year? YUP that's Him!!!... Well He's absolutely RE-VAMPED this Drake single & taken it somewhere totally DIFFERENT!!!

Check what he's done to the Drake single...

Verdict = BIG! BIG!! BIG!!!

What more can I say about this s**t? IT'S OVERLY HARD... You gotta listen with a banging sound system or just plug in your headphones to truly appreciate this piece of work... What Can I Say? I really LIKE this! #psa to D.Js... This one should go straight in the BAG for this weekend!!!

P.S LOOK out for Brand New Music from Dekk by way of a New EP in the Spring and Album in the Summer with Indie Hip-Hop Artist iLLaj... Both of em make up the duo Moxie Blakk (think New Wave/Electro/Indie/Hip-Hop) so definitely Look OUT for that one!!!

Download: Dekk + Drake - Over (Dekk Remix)

Until the Next Time...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Just IN... TY + DJ Bounce = SOMETHING BIG! Vol 1

JUST IN from the Big Homie DJ Bounce and Premiered a little earlier on today on one of my favorite blogs, Put Me On It... It's UK Hip-Hop Veteran TY + DJ Bounce with a brand new Mixtape titled 'Something BIG' to ready us all for Ty's new album 'Special Kind of Fool' that's out in April (April 19th)...

Download Link | Track Listing | Words from DJ Bounce all after the Jump!


To be HONEST, I wasn't really UP on any of the recently concluded Fashion Weeks from last Month, NOT even the London Fashion Week right on my doorstep so iLeft it to my fashion conscious friends to PUT me on any dope s**t they came across... Well Apparently they failed! SHAME ON THEM... How could ANYONE miss these Tulle-Embellished Suede Sandals outta Fendi's Spring/Summer 2010 Shoe Collection??? How could you???

Check out some more pictures after the JUMP...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

iFashion... NIKE Sportswear - Summer 2010 Collection

Now if you know me then you know I don't really DO sportswear too tuff but what you might NOT know is NiKE has always been my thing... Even though I might not wear em, they make beautiful things!!! SO imagine my excitement when I was just over at Freshness Mag & I saw these...

Don't watch the Lime Green High-Tops! NAH WATCH THE LIGHT PURPLE ONES TO THE SIDE!!!
"Hosted by its subsidiary in Taiwan, Nike and Nike Sportswear unveiled the new product offerings for Summer 2010 at a daylong event in the capital city of Taipei. Featured items from several segments Nike will be focusing upon this year, including the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa and continue its dominance in the sport of tennis with updated colorways of its Grand Slam Polo line. The athletic giant also introduced several new company initiatives – a continuation on expanding its women’s collection plus introduction of new lifestyle oriented designs, such as the Aina Chukka, Air Feather Hi, Lunarlite Rejuven8 Mid and Air Maxim Torch+." - Poe | FreshNess Mag
Images via: KenLu

Catch some more of my PICs from their LOOK BOOK after the jump...

LATE PASS... Little Brother - Curtain Call

I CANNOT believe I am only just bumping this record... It's the lead single 'Curtain Call' from what is very likely to be Little Brother's final album, 'Left Back' to be released April 20th... I ain't at home right now + I'm on Ossie's MAC & I cannot get into all that longness right NOW of tryna up the record on SoundCloud (I'M A PC) so here's a Youtube link for y'all to vibe with + the MP3 download link if you're feeling it... Both after the JUMP!!!

Saturday, 13 March 2010


What CAN I say? You already know we fux with Chiddy Bang + Ellie Goulding is something of ALOT over here in the UK... BBC Sound of 2010 + Brits Choice Awards + UK #1 Album and all that!!! The big homie Xaphoon Jones just retweeted this dope remix... It's F**KING EPIC!!!

Download: Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Chiddy Bang Remix)

Spotted at Pretty Much Amazing

Until the Next Time...

... Xaphoon YOU ARE A BEAST for this one!!!

iFashion... MARRIED TO THE MOB - GRAMERCY GARDENS (Spring 2010 Delivery 2)

Bumped into some DOPE s**t 4 your Spring 010 Wardrobe over on Twitter about 3 hours ago via this amazing blog Pink Dossier by Kid Couture (You Fashionistas need to BookMark that blog is all I'm saying) & I couldn't bring it to you then SO I'm bringing it to you NOW... Well some of my favorites outta their Look Book is after the jump!!! 

Friday, 12 March 2010

iFashion... Introduces ASOS Africa!!!

FUNNY story how I found this out... SO there I was trawling through my favorite websites, I just got through this week's Pitchfork Track Reviews (CHECK EM OUT) & I bumped into a DJ Sarah Love interview over on the Amazing that was done by AfriPop! so I bumped on over there and bumped into THIS goodness...

& let's just say... ASOS Africa got me quite interested! I bet I ain't the most fashion-forward people out there when it comes to 'African Native Prints' but It's actually a concept that I've seen recently from Emerging Fashion Label 'Lorenzo Duffle'Bag Designs' (LDB). Lemme know what you think about a couple of these LDB designs... After the JUMP (lol)

Until the NEXT Time...

... This whole ASOS Africa venture is actually kinda a GOOD look!!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Music: Jesse Pinkney - All That Neo Jazz EP

Just got this music submission and the title struck me so I got my download on & listened to this Instrumental EP... It's actually quite GOOD, very easy on the ear too... This one's for all my Jazz/Easy-listening/Neo-Soul heads out there...
"Original Neo Soul Jazz beats produced by Jesse Pinkney that will relax, ease your mind and soul. If hip hop was played on your local easy listening jazz stations it would sound like the magic captured in this project." - Jesse Pinkney
Check it out still...

Download: Jesse Pinkney - All That Neo Jazz 



The big homie over at LondontoMK sent this through earlier today & it's emerging UK emcee, Awate going in over on Drake's new single 'Over'

Check it, lemme know what you think?

Until the Next Time...

"... Listening to your Album, I'm Bourdeux, No Gourcuff" - Awate

(if you didn't get that, you're NOT getting it! Sorry!)

& OH if you haven't heard the Drake record (#shootyourself), check it out after the Jump!!! I grabbed it from JCChase #merci



OK I was actually gonna go study after that last post BUT the homie Chockz jus came with this dopeness on his twitter that I just gotta drop on here... I aint talking much, JUST check it out after the JUMP...

NEW MUSIC!!! S.A.S Ft. Cam'ron, Timati & Fler - Foreign Exchange

... Just bumped into some new S.A.S over on 2DopeBoyz... & It's off their 'Mega & Mayhem's Excellent Adventure' mixtape that's out this Monday & this one features the big homie Killa Cam so you know I just had to share it!

S.A.S - Foreign Exchange (Feat Cam'ron, Timati & Fler)

Dunno if you're feeling this one BUT this stays BUMPING round here!!!

Download: S.A.S Ft. Cam'ron, Timali & Fler - Foreign Exchange

"... I'm James Bond, The World's NOT Enough" - Mayhem >>>>>

Under The Radar... IVAN ICE + EMAY = SOUNDS LIKE E.P!!!

If you've been listening to our radio show over the last few weeks then you already know I'm SO into the sounds coming outta the Netherlands at the moment... Dean High, Full Crate & Mar et al (these guys ARE dope) & I constantly fux with my good dudes up in Canada for that #goodhiphopmusic so imagine my excitement when this falls into my lap...

iHeart... Erykah Badu - Window Seat!!!

We played Ms. Badu's LATEST single off of the soon-to-be-released (March 30th! CANNOT WAIT) 'New Amerykah: Part 2 (The Return of the Ankh) on the We Plug GOOD Music Radio Show on Melody One at the beginning of the week (courtesy Dopalicious Jojo) & to be honest, this song has been everywhere on the blogosphere 4 a hot minute BUT you guys like it & I absolutely adore this record so... Let's Listen together, shall we?

01 Erykah Badu -- Window Seat  by  We Plug G.O.O.D Music

& you'd do GOOD to check her perform this song live alongside The Roots on Jimmy Fallon Live... After the JUMP lol!!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


SO I get a Twitter DM earlier today from the big homie Savvy about a record by one Ms. Graziella Affinita (Remember the best one from X-Factor's Miss Frank? YUP! Her) which he produced & I'm only just getting home to download and listen to it... IT IS THE BUSINESS!!!

Just LISTEN to it already...

Graziella - Relay Race  by  We Plug G.O.O.D Music

Download link & all that goodness right after the JUMP yes?


SO what happened when Chiddy Bang came through the Mash Clothing Oxford Street Store in London???

SO iHeart Chiddy Bang (the emcee, Chidera is Nigerian & he works with the big homie Konnect PLUS they sound AMAZING) & MASH CLOTHING f**kin ROCKS!!!

& if you haven't, Check out the ORIGINAL Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults video after the JUMP...

The First Post!!!

OK our We Plug G.O.O.D Music inbox gets inundated with loads of emails of some amazingly good music & plenty generally goodness... whether it be by way of youtube links, MP3 downloads, blog links, event invitations... WHatever they may be & we DO NOT always get the opportunity to post them up on our original website because the nature of the We Plug GOOD Music website is to only do full-length feature articles & reviews on new & emerging artists...


... We thought we'd create this blog (well I created this blog originally cos a girl broke my heart & I was gonna write about her hence the name lol BUT this works just as fine) to share with you all the goodness that we come across during the course of our daily grind!!!

Anyway... ENough of me yapping, I'm gonna find the first GOODMUSIC conversation to share with you!

Until the Next Time...

Peace, Love & GOOD Music