Monday, 27 September 2010


"The debut of this mixtape was the spark of a new style of African based sonics and a new movement into the realm of afrobeat. "Its about the progression of the dance". There is no sonic comparison to these mixes. There are so many elements fused between the notes. This release signifies the next step in the evolution. As the groove continues, watch this space, and bring a change of clothes." - Lunchbox Theory
<a href="">AFℝICA &#9751;FRICA இFRICA 3 by Lunchbox Theory</a>

This is that facking goodness! As a blogger, iLive for moments like these! Of course I get excited for that new Kanye/Jay-Z or that new Mark Ronson (the record with Boy George is near enough heaven btw) but this is what it's all about for me... Discovering new underground and emerging music! This mixtape right here is Afrobeat at its core but it treads into dance, house, soul & hip-hop territories with great success, sampling a wide spectrum of artists and musicians from Erykah Badu to Fela Kuti and everyone in between including the likes of Terri Walker, Wasiu Ayinde Barrister (Yup that's right!) & Nebraska! This is amazing trust me!

Download: Lunchbox Theory - Africa Africa Africa (Part 3)

I think my head is gonna fall off my neck with all the head-bopping this mixtape is causing! You need this one spinning at the next house party, rave or dance!


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