Saturday, 4 September 2010

iVideo... The Quotes - Innocent Flow

"From day one, the Reading four-piece have attracted media attention, and their constant gigging and prestigious festival appearances – not to mention album and EP releases – have earned them a well-established fan base. Their epic, sexy and polished rock sound has caught the inspiration of many a radio DJ, promoter and – most importantly – music fan." - The Quotes

YET another great find via twitter! I'm absolutely loving it! So The Quotes are a 4-piece UK-based Rock Band hailing from Reading and 'Innocent Flow' is their brand new single. It took me one listen and I'm already in love with the record. The guitar-strings start the song & I'm thinking 'ok sounds good but...' and then the vocals by lead singer Ben Smith kick in with 'Baby are you cold in Snow...' and I'm immediately sold! Nothing beats a great vocal lead-singer in a band and yes the guitar-strings that form the bulk of the musical backdrop on this record is quite amazing too... Anyway what am I tryna say? This record WINS!

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  1. Awesome song - have downloaded, I love it!!!