Tuesday, 14 September 2010

iVideo... Judah - Sundresses & Sandals (An Ode to True Blood)

"A typically ingenious and conceptually enchanting, the producer whose vision is 20/20 through sight and sound delivers another great visual from Simple Videos, based on the hit HBO SeriesTrue Blood. JUDAH goes on a sexy rendezvous with co-star Brittani for an unconventional depiction for the popular song "Sundresses and Sandals" filled with flesh, fondling, and "fangs." Also featured in the video is Chays, the R&B singer who has gained recognition for his vocal contribution for the track. JUDAH, whose concrete-cinematic music production has spawned several supreme images during 2010, pushes "Sundresses and Sandals" (Ode to True Blood) as the second video released from Simple Videos." - Sasha Vann (Ego M&BC)

'Sundresses & Sandals' is OUT Now! Go spend that 79pence the right way!

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