Monday, 13 September 2010

iMusic... LUCK-ONE - MORE

Wow iJust looked at this blog and it looks as if I took the weekend off? Apologies. I'll be sure to catch up with whatever goodness the weekend bore but alas I digress... Remember THIS? Well Luck-One is BACK!

"Portland's top-notch lyricist Luck-One returns with the soulful, feel-good anthem 'More!'. Sit back, relax and get ready to remember why you fell in love with Hip-Hop. In a time riddled with gimmick singles and ring-tone tunes, 'More' is an introspective journey laced with masterful lyricism and a soul-funk musical background that takes us back to a time when music and honesty were synonymous... Or, is Luck-One taking us forward?" - Spread Label Music

Brand NEW Luck-One single for us to bump with! The free EP 'True Theory Outtakes' will be upon is in October (4th to be precise) so make sure you come back here for that as well! 

The d├ębut album 'True Theory' soon come also!

Download: Luck-One - More


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