Tuesday, 21 September 2010

iSpokenWord... Phresh Mentality - Single

"Amber aka Phresh Mentality started her spoken word journey last year and has so far has had the privilege of featuring at events like Ruby Sings at Ronnie Scott'sWord 4 Word at Stratford Theatre Royal, Writers Block at Juno Bar, Rum PunchPhraseologyBeats Rhymes & Vibes & many more. She is a Word 4 Word slam winner, and recently came in 4th at the UK Unsigned Spoken Word Finals. In addition to this she's been interviewed on Colourful Radio and had her work featured on popular sites like Soul CultureBox Fresh and Pin Board Blog." - Phresh Mentality
Granted it's been a busy week thus far and continually so (here's the apology for the lack of content this week), what with this going on but I just had to share this with you before I forgot all about it!

It's a great spoken word piece titled 'Single' by Amber aka Phresh Mentality! I've had the privilege of catching her do this piece live and it was the business. Look out for the sequel to this poetry session via UK Urban Ent

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Secretely #iHeartPhreshMentality! Just thought I'd throw that in there while we're here

#2010 #TheYearofthePoet

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  1. iLoved the message on this...ladies really need to know this