Tuesday, 14 September 2010

iSingle... K'Jon - Good Morning

Now up until a few minutes ago, I had no idea who K'Jon was & that just goes to show the plethora of music out there that goes criminally unnoticed by loads of us but alas I digress... So about K'Jon...
"K’Jon is best known for his #1 hit single On the Ocean from his 2009 debut full length major album I Get Around, which debuted at #1 on the R&B album charts! According to the New York Times, K’Jon’s album was “One of the years most promising albums, and also one of its least expected.” K’Jon’s smash single On the Ocean set a record for having the longest running single on Billboard’s Hot R&B /Hip Hop song which was 75 weeks, surpassing platinum selling artist Mary J Blige’s single “Be Without You”.  With a compilation of soul infused ballads, this album is the epitome of class and passion which is why Billboard listed it as one of the Top 50 R&B albums of 2009…these are undoubtedly noteworthy accomplishments!" - Maranda Oliver
Yeah, this fella K'Jon is about his business as it goes! Anyway he's back with the lead single 'Good Morning' off of his sophomore album 'Oxygen' and it's not even bad at all. Check it out right below

And if you (like me) have not heard of K'Jon until now then we've packaged some music from his debut album right after the jump

I quite like K'Jon. The videos throw me off a bit so I'll be going to pick up the CD to enjoy the records properly but yeah what do you think?

#PS That 'On Everything' record is the one & the love the continuity in that video and 'On the Ocean'... Now who's been saying R&B is dead? #cmonson

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