Wednesday, 1 September 2010

iSingle... Nocturnal vs. I Am One Project - The Movement

"I Am One Project announces the release of an exclusive single created by urban producer Nocturnal through the PC game APB: All Points Bulletin. This is the first time a song has been produced using a PC game and released commercially worldwide. The single, titled ‘The Movement’, has been produced using APB’s in-game music production tool and will be available on iTunes from 13th September 2010. ‘The Movement’ by Nocturnal vs I Am One Project was produced using APB’s music editor. The editor allows players to create either full tracks or 5 second themes. Full tracks can be played in the sandbox world to accompany game play, while a shorter composition will appear as a ‘death theme’ when your character kills another in San Paro." - Press Release

These fellas Nocturnal & I Am One Project made this record using a PC game! Granted I'm not a 'PC game' person & I don't know a thing about APB BUT nothing else can be said about this move. It's ingenious to say the very least and add that to the fact that it's not been done before! Do you know what the trip is? The record sound really good as well! Oli Rose gets me every time with his great and hauntingly unique voice. Make sure you support 'The Movement' when it's released in a couple weeks.

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