Saturday, 19 May 2012

iFashion... All Things Black (April's Summer List)

Beach parties, pool parties, dinner parties, concerts… We are going to be doing them all this Summer, and in STYLE too. Getting ready for Summer does not mean our bank accounts have to suffer and you will only survive if you learn to MIX and MATCH. I will list a few items that we SHOULD certainly have in our closets for this summer if we don’t have them already. We begin with... ALL THINGS BACK.

This is the most important Summer essential. If possible, you should have at least ONE of every type of clothing in black - a black dress, a black pair of shoes (heels, flats, sandals,loafers), a pair of black pants/jeans, a black blazer/jacket, a black bag (hand and OR shoulder bag). Well you get the point! As you know black is a very versatile color in fashion, you can do almost anything with it.

Notice how you can put a full stop to all the colors with a pair of simple black shoes. Personally I love the fact that I can wear black from top to bottom, and glamor it up with some colorful costume jewellery. See some example costume jewellery by Aisha Obuobi of Christie Brown at the end of this post.

Black Leggings

 Black Pants

You know when you have somewhere to go but you just can not decide what to wear? Or perhaps you can't decide what is right for the occasion/event, wearing black is the safest way to go. Black is that neutral color that can be interpreted to fit any occasion, so get it people!

Black Dress

 Black Skirt

Black Suit (Tim Tebow)

Black Sneakers

"She wears high heels, I wear sneakers". I love sneakers, and I know some ladies don't. Well it is definitely one trend you must give into before you die. Get black sneakers for that beach party, and for movie night with the girls? put on those sneakers with that Summer dress ;)

Black Blazer

Guys! Ladies! You would be amazed by how much a black blazer can do to your whole outfit. If you think an outfit is 'too simple', throwing on a black blazer would just do the trick. Plus, because black goes with anything, you can take it with you knowing you may be out late in the night when it gets chilly. AND you will still look good irrespective of whatever colors you've already got on.

Here's some more costume jewellery by the talented Aisha Obuobi, owner of the Christie Brown fashion label. I would recommend ladies, that you get yourselves one or two of these HERE and enjoy this Summer in style.

This has been a lot, so I will give you time to get these into your closets before we continue with our Summer list. But until then remember, NO OUTFIT IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A SMILE. :)


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