Friday, 4 May 2012

iFashion... Soraya De Carvalho x Style Is My Thing (My Favorite Blogs)

Hey beauties! Meet another of my favorite bloggers, Soraya De Carvalho. A student in Nottingham, UK, her beauty and 'swag' is simply effortless and classy. Her choice of outfits show how daring and fun she is. Very few can pull off these looks but she works it fiercely! I'm always eager to see her next post. I like her sense of style because she is a risk taker and is also very elegant.

My favorite outfit. YUM!

Here's a link to her blog:

What do you think? xx

With Love Ade.


  1. Wow! She's SOOO bold! I like that!

  2. Thank you sweetie lots of love xxx

  3. you are my new inspiration. Style, sexy and elegant.
    well done, missy.