Tuesday, 8 May 2012

iFashion... The Mission (An Introduction to April)

Hey Guys! My name is Olaora, you can call me April and I am here to change your perception of fashion... I will show you fashion is not a one way street. I will show you a good fashion sense comes with the ability to be DIVERSE and CREATIVE with almost any piece of clothing. Its a lot of work, so you'll have to meet me half way. How? Well, you have to be ready to come out of your comfort zone - fashion is a dangerous game so there goes "being safe"!

You may be like me... I love pants, particularly jeans and I don't like dresses, skirts, heels or bags. Now you're probably wondering if you should be taking fashion advice or tips from me... O_o WELL YOU SHOULD! For instance, black is my favorite color but never have I been asked 'Is black your favorite color?' This is because I change it up every time... And I’m here to share some of that diversity and creativity with you. 

My motto when it comes to fashion is 'Classy beats sexy EVERY TIME'. Sexy is sexy, but classy is Classy AND Sexy. YES! You CAN eat your cake and have it. And if classy is NOT your thing, not to worry... However like I said, you have to meet me half way and be willing to let go of what you're used to. So basically here's some of what you should be expecting from me:

Fashion Styles that will offer ideas on what to do with those clothes in our closet + New Fashion lines, both local and international + Fashion counselling because fashion has a lot to do with your mind + New fashion labels/brands… And a whole lot more!

Of course, I’ll give you all a chance to let me know if I’m helping you out in anyway. And if I am, I would appreciate your photos which I’d post on here. We'll discuss this in the future. So a hearty cheers to the old fashionista in you! And congratulations on the fashion icon in you just conceived.

See you soon and until then, KNOW THIS - no outfit is complete without a SMILE :)


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