Wednesday, 23 May 2012

iFashion... Billboard Music Awards 2012 (Best & Worst Dressed)

The Billboard Music Awards may not be the biggest award show of the music industry but it definitely stirs up the interest of millions of music lovers around the world. Probably because most of the biggest stars in the industry are usually in attendance. As always, the best part of the event is all the new and unique fashion we get to see and its always a pleasure to be able to both criticize and applaud celebrities on what they chose to wear. So YES I do have my thoughts...

Personally, I think Taylor Swift won the crown for best dressed while Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Julie Bowen and Robin Thicke (to name a few) battled for WORST DRESSED. But that's just what I think, Take a look and let me know what you think:

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab
Amazing choice by Taylor Swift. We can't see her shoes but I would say everything else seems to work well with this dress, although I would suggest her hair in soft curls or whipped back in a loose bun.

Katy Perry in Blumarine & Misaki
Well I don't like anything about this GET UP. The design of this dress on its own is brilliant but we could do without all the shimmers and glitters which only makes Katy look like she should be one of the Disney princesses. The goth make-up would be why she wouldn't pass as a Disney princess anyway.

Wiz Khalifa 
Hmm... What do you think? Quite inappropriate for an award show right?!

John Legend
John looks almost as stunning as his voice is but I would lose the kicks 'Johnny'

Natasha Bedingfield
My! My! Where did those hips come from?? They definitely did not help Natasha in this outfit, otherwise it would have been perfect.

 Carly Rae Jepsen

Gladys Knight

 Julianne Hough in Kaufmanfranco
Now doesn't this look like a shimmering towel?!

 Jurnee Smollett


 Ty Burrell & Julie Bowen

Zooey Deschanel in Moschino
Innocent Zooey! While some think she should lose the tights... Well, I AGREE. This dress piece by Moschino is indeed a SANAA (work of art) and Zooey may just have ruined it with those tights.

Miley Cyrus in Jean Paul Gaultier
One word: Horrible

 Jordin Sparks in Diane von Furstenberg
Maybe its her relationship with Jason Derulo that is responsible for the gorgeousness, but I am really impressed.

Natasha Bedingfield ...again
Natasha had another shot but still did not impress me.

Carrie Underwood in Oscar de la Renta
Will the real Disney princess please stand up! Carrie Underwood has always impressed me but not this time. I find this dress a bit too childish for an award show. As a matter of fact, picture it in white and it would pass as the perfect wedding gown.

 Nelly Furtado in Alberta Ferretti
Yes the white backdrop makes it difficult for us to see this dress but I think it is quite clear that the only thing good about this whole outfit is the statement necklace Nelly has on.

Alicia Keys in Azzedine Alaïa
Alicia Keys looks... nice. The dress is nothing new, different or special but her hair is and I would give it a thumbs DOWN.

Amber Rose
IS it just me or has Amber put on a few pounds?! Anyway, she gets a NO from me

Brandy in Herve Leger
Brandy looks great, I would lighten up on the eye shadow and replace those shoes with silver-metallic or nude shoes. Plus, her clutch is JUST RIGHT.

 Lisa Marie Presley in Temperley dress & Alexander McQueen jacket

 Julie Brown
Its the revival of the 70's

 Dee & Tommy Hilfiger

Justin Bieber
Well, he is a teenager so we will let this slide.

Robin Thicke
What isn't wrong about this? The shiny jacket, the shoes, the belt ... EVERYTHING

Kuba Ka
I guess there had to be someone who would leave us wondering  WHY!!


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  1. OH...MY...DAYS! This is tooo much for me! Half of them left me wondering 'Why???'. Sigh. Natasha, I love you but...:/