Monday, 14 May 2012

iFashion... Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012 (Our Top 10 Designers)

Fashion in Africa is something we ought to start paying attention to. One thing I’ve noticed which does not necessarily thrill me, is that Africans are being influenced and inspired by the western fashion culture. However, I am pleased to see these brilliant African Fashion designers put a bit of their culture into their designs. They are truly original. This year's Arise Magazine Fashion week was held in March 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria. This fashion show showcases collections from the best fashion designers out of Africa. Out of 77 remarkable designers present that week, 10 stood out for us and here's introducing the first five of these...

1. Loza Maleombho from Cote D'Voire (Label - Loza Maleombho)

Yes indeed you can wear these out. Note the blue jacket? Wear a white tank or camisole under that on pair of black pencil jeans with black pumps and you would be making a fashion statement. Log on to Loza Maheombho's website to view the full stocklist and order.

2. Aisha Obuobi From Ghana (Label - Christie Brown)

Tell me you didnt go 'WOW'. I found this collection so amazing I almost posted all her designs. Whatever you do, MAKE SURE YOU GET THAT JACKET (last photo). Log on to the Christie Brown website to view stocklist and order.

3. Amaka OSAKWE From Nigeria (Label - Maki Oh)

This collection by Amaka shows her amazing talent. Amaka displays her creativity with the use of the velvet fabric and who doesn't like the feel of velvet? So, If you ever decide to purchase some of the outfits from this collection  know that you won't  just be looking stylish but you would feel comfortable as well. Log on to  Maki-Oh to view stocklist and order.

4. GLORIA WAVAMUNNO from Uganda (Label - Gloria Wavamunno)

Log on to the Gloria Wavamunno website to view the full stocklist and order.

5. BUKI AKIB from NIGERIA (Label - Buki Akib)

Log on to Buki Akib's website for the full stocklist and order. 

Check out the AMFW website for more information on Arise Magazine Fashion Week. Look out for the second part of our Top 10 designers feature to see who else we liked from AMFW 2012


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