Wednesday, 9 May 2012

iFashion... This Thing Called Fashion / Style

So what exactly is fashion/style? It is difficult to give an exact definition for something so diverse, so susceptible to change. Hence, I will be as general as possible. "Fashion" is what has emerged from what was just a mere need to cover our nakedness. It is now the finished product of how we choose to express ourselves. Fashion and Style should be so simple that I don’t want my posts to cause you to spend countless hours putting together an outfit. It shouldn’t be. Let's start at the very beginning.

Believe it or not, fashion and style have a lot to do with personality; therefore you have to know who you are. I believe the reason we see people in certain outfits and go “UGH! Who let you out looking like that?!" is because those people are still on their way to finding out who they are. Let me explain; Am I bold? Yes! I am willing to take risks so I can wear something like THIS (below) out...

Ermm… No! This is a bit too much - the whole outfit makes her look like a ritualist… JUST KIDDING!
If you are not bold (when it comes to fashion that is) then that's fine. You don’t want to take a risk that you cannot handle. Taking a bold fashion risk means some people will think it is NOT a good idea. So are you the type of person who can take the criticism and stay confident?! If you’re not, that's fine too. If you want to be that person, just make it happen.

Knowing who you are has to do with knowing and understanding your body. When a person is unaware of his or her physique, such person is prone to making fashion BLUNDERS (thunder and lightning effect). Ladies, if you have wide hips, not all pants, skirts or dresses will look good on you. Likewise, fellas with a lot going on in their DERRIERE shouldn’t choose just any pair of pants if they wish to hide it. 

LADIES! KNOW YOUR BUTT. The shape of every woman’s butt is different, although some are similar to others. Have you ever seen a lady in a pair of jeans and it seemed like she was sagging or didn’t pull her jeans all the way up? This is because that lady’s butt is NOT full and she simply picked the wrong pair of jeans.
#PS I am sorry if I am paying more attention to the ladies here but guys, you could throw on a tee on baggy shorts and STILL have girls fighting for your attention. On that note, Ladies… we now know that not everyone has that hour glass shape and as such, ladies with an ‘inverted triangle body shape’ should not think the clothes that fit an hour glass body shape will suit her too.


So as we go along this journey, we shall address women of all shapes and sizes. It’s a NO SHAPE OR SIZE LEFT BEHIND type thing. Click HERE to view the 6 other body types, know yours! Again! This is still just to prepare you what to expect from me…it’s a process. Go to Levi’s jeans store for women HERE, you can find out your curve and this will help you pick jeans and pants that suit you
Well its summer… Oh! That’s for my next post, till then… NO OUTFIT IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A SMILE :)


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